When the sun goes down... the creeps come out to play


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    Re: When the sun goes down... the creeps come out to play

    Post by e134rr0n on Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:29 am

    uggh... i thought i killed all you crazy undead merchants!!

     well hopefully having dedicated servers in dks2 will fix the latency problems. I used to have a 360 and i must say ps3 is much improved as far as dks pvp goes so im fairly happy. i remember the days id be in burg and someone would teleport from 10 feet away into BS

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    Re: When the sun goes down... the creeps come out to play

    Post by Hugh_G_Johnson on Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:30 pm

    My negative feelings were clearly aimed at Japanese gamers specifically those who play dark souls, even more specificly those who have pure BS fishing builds.  I tried to make that clear, perhaps I did not.  I realize gamers make up only a portion (pobably a small one) of Japanese people.  I said my feelings for Japanese people were very positive.  And that has not changed dramatically.  But, interacting with Japanese people in Dark Souls (or at least people who list Japanese as their only language in their profile) has caused me to reassess preconceived notions of all types, positive and negative.  If anything it has caused me too look with more of an open mind.  People are just people for better and for worse.  

    The only prejudice I had was an unfair, overly-positive view of Japanese.  I plainly stated that and although it was obvious I had reconsidered; I never even said that it changed.  I find it ironic that I was accused of racism for reconsidering a preconceived notion and moving towards an open-minded, neutral view.  If you read closely you'll notice the inflammatory remarks are aimed specifically at Japanese Dark Souls players who have builds & playstyles entirely dedicated to front-stabbing.  Those comments apply to anyone who uses that style, but the conversation at that point was about Japanese players.  The only part I would reword is this:

    Hugh_G_Johnson wrote:it's not EVERY Japanese player, but it is a shocking majority.

    It would be better to say that in my experience; a vast majority of people who have what I would consider pure BS-fish builds are Japanese.  

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    Re: When the sun goes down... the creeps come out to play

    Post by Forum Pirate on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:44 pm

    you're not recovering, the damage has been done. Any justification at this point is likely to seem incredible feeble.

    I'd recommend you simply drop the topic for the moment. If you want to shake the stigma you just got, its going to take time and consistency, over a number of topics. Continuing is likely to make it worse, not better.

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    Re: When the sun goes down... the creeps come out to play

    Post by Emergence on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:51 pm

    I'll lock this to avoid further spiraling.  

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    Re: When the sun goes down... the creeps come out to play

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