An Open Letter of Thanks to Miyazaki and the Souls Team



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    An Open Letter of Thanks to Miyazaki and the Souls Team

    Post by bosslugger on Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:22 pm


    In 2009, having read an article about 'Demon's Souls' in Game Informer magazine, I decided to purchase this game knowing nothing about it, or From, or you. In all honesty, I liked the artwork and thought it sounded fun. Since that day, I have been on the Souls journey for over three years. In that time I have experienced great joy and great frustration. I have experienced ultimate victory and supreme defeat. I've made friends, helped (and hindered) many quests. I've broken more controllers than I care to admit, and rage quit on many occasions. Yet somewhere, flickering in the back of my brain, like the tiniest ember that kindles a bonfire of resolution, was a voice saying, "don't give up - try again."

    I have played many video games in my life, some well-designed, others not so much. When a game was poorly implemented, I simply stopped caring and gave up. This was never the case with a Souls game. Always, there was purpose. Always, there was a reason for defeat, and there, just beyond my grasp, was a solution that if I tried again, would lead to victory. The answer always came if I tried again.

    You and your team have challenged me to be better than I am, to try harder, to care, and to want to be my best. I have never experienced the emotions and connectedness that I have with Souls. There is something indelible about this journey, and I think every member of the Souls community would agree - we are forever changed because of your contributions.

    I want to take this time - among all the excitement and chatter about Dark Souls II - to personally thank you for all you have give me. Thank you for sharing your vision, for allowing us to experience your Dark, and for lighting our journey, one bonfire at a time. Though you will not be directly a part of the continued story, we know you will be there in spirit - in the artwork, in the enemies, in our triumphs and defeats. For all that you have given us, I wish to say simply, Umbassa.

    May the flames guide thee,



    2009年には、ゲームインフォーマー誌で "デモンズソウル"に関する記事を読んで、私はこのゲームを知って、それについて何か、から、またはあなたを購入しないように決めました。正直なところ、私はアートが好きで、それが楽しいと思いました。その日以来、私は3年以上の魂の旅を続けている。その時点で、私は大きな喜びと大きな挫折を経験している。私は究極の勝利と最高の敗戦を経験している。私は(とヒンダード)多くのクエストを助け、友人を作りました。私は認めざるを得ない気よりもコントローラを壊してしまった経験があり、怒りが多くの場面で終了します。まだどこかに、解像度の焚き火をKindleは最も小さい燃えさしのように、私の脳の奥にちらつく、という声だった "あきらめてはいけない - 。やり直してください"


    あなたとあなたのチームが、難しくしようと気にして、私の一番になりたいし、私よりも優れていることが私に挑戦している。私は魂で持っている感情とつながりを経験したことがない。そこにこの旅について消せない何かがある、と私は魂の社会のすべてのメンバーが同意するだろうと思います - 私たちは永遠にあなたのための貢献を変更されます。

    ダークソウルズIIについてのすべての興奮とのおしゃべりの中で - - 個人的にあなたは私を与える持っているすべてのためにあなたに感謝し、私はこの時間を利用したい。私たちは、一度に、1焚き火を私たちの旅を点灯させるためのあなたのダークを体験することを可能にするため、あなたのビジョンを共有していただきありがとうございます。私たちの勝利に、敵に、アートワークや敗北 - あなたが継続的に物語の直接一部にはなりませんけれども、我々はあなたが精神であるでしょう知っている。あなたは私たちを与えていることすべてのために、私は、単純に言ってUmbassaをお祈りしております。

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    Re: An Open Letter of Thanks to Miyazaki and the Souls Team

    Post by Zeta Prime on Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:57 pm

    almost brought me to tears jus thinking of all the fun this man has given me over the past few years.. well said my friend..well said

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    Re: An Open Letter of Thanks to Miyazaki and the Souls Team

    Post by Steel Dragon74 on Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:21 pm

    I agree with every word of this and have a little to say as well


    What you have created for us is a true work of art that is completely unique, nowhere else will I ever find the likes of the evil atmosphere of Latria, the beutiful towers of Anor Londo or the "what the hell is that" moments of Mimics and Quelaag. Nowhere else will I be able to feel pity and sadness for some foes and horror at others. But most of all I will never find another game were I can fight an enemy over and over for two hours and feel such pure elation and joy when I finally bring it down and because of that reason more than any other no other game will ever compare to Souls

    Praise the sun and you Miyazaki-san and know that even though I cant change the fact that you arent the director of DkS II if that turns out to be something that does not benifit your great creation I will personally start a pettition to get you as the director again

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    Re: An Open Letter of Thanks to Miyazaki and the Souls Team

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