Advice on a Darkmoon Blade build


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    Advice on a Darkmoon Blade build

    Post by Aelia on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:32 am


    I am here seeking advice on a Fai/Dex DMB build that I've been tinkering with for awhile now.

    Stats are currently:


    Some explanation as to my stats:

    I switch around with different weapons quite often. I tend to favor either a Falchion, Silver Knight Sword, Silver Knight Spear, Iaito, and of late a Gargoyle Halberd.

    Ranged weapons tends to be either some kind of bow, Dark Moon Bow preferred, or Lightning Avelyn + lightning bolts.

    Soul level that I am aiming for is 125 or so, seems alot of people are around that SL.

    Now, how do I want to use the remainder of my levels? Also keep in mind I have no qualms in redoing my character, so fire away with any and all suggestions!

    My thought is, do I want to pump up Dex to 40 and sprinkle the excess points around, or do I want to get 50 Faith/30 Dex? Or split 40/40 Fai/Dex?

    This is the part that I'm not so good at, because I tend to think of too many things. Like do I want a 3rd spell slot for WoTG?

    Spell choices:

    DMB obviously is there to buff weapons, I may or may not always use it when I invade, however someone invades me then I am much more likely to use it.

    Force is there partly for gankers, partly for annoying invaders/invadees. Nothing is better than using Force/kicks to knock gankers/WoTG spammers off of cliffs and other nasty things. As I get better at PvP I tend not to use this spell as much... But it is still nice to have.

    Overall I am still pretty new to PvP, I've got my feet wet, but I've still much to learn. So thank you all in advance for the replies!
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    Re: Advice on a Darkmoon Blade build

    Post by Forum Pirate on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:37 am

    Dex to 40, attunement to 16, add wog and replenish.

    My opinion anyways

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    Re: Advice on a Darkmoon Blade build

    Post by DoughGuy on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:55 am

    Welcome to the forums!
    Forums abuot right. 120's a better SL to stick. Any other stat you make use of is at diminishing returns so put dex to 40 and get a few more attunement slots.

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    Re: Advice on a Darkmoon Blade build

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