Solaire dispute.


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    Solaire dispute.

    Post by Wilkinson3424 on Wed May 30, 2012 4:22 pm

    We all know solaire, he's the helpful warrior of sunlight that helps us with bosses and invites us to the sunbro covenant. but is there more to him? there has been a large dispute arguing if solaire is Gwyn's son. and if you don't know Gwyn is... well he is the god of sunlight and the last boss. some items like Sunlight blade, ring of the sun's firstborn, and his armor set states the god of war wielded lightning spears, which is solaire's primary weapon. gave his sunlight blade to his father after he perished (sunlight blade is found in Gwyn's tomb which is accessible after defeating gywndolin.) If you have any facts which will help the dispute settle, whether it be against him being the god of war, or him being the god of war. then post them here! and if i got anything wrong i apologize, feel free to correct me.


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