Best and Worst of Silent Hill. Spoilers!


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    Best and Worst of Silent Hill. Spoilers!

    Post by MosquitoPower on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:52 pm

    Danger! Spoilers!
    I have been a fan of Silent Hill games since Silent Hill 2 on the Playstation 2.
    What are your favorite and least favorite moments?
    Here is my list.
    Danger! Spoilers!
    Don’t click one from a game you have not completed!


    Silent Hill 2 Best Scare:

    Underground Prison, Bathroom.
    One locked door that you can knock on…. And nothing happens.
    Thinking that was the last of that, I walk for the exit…
    ---REALLY Loud noise behind you when you are like 2 steps away from the door----
    I ran out and never went back

    Silent Hill 2 Best mental creep out.:

    Brookhaven Hospital.
    You look at the map and see that there is a garden.
    But when you get there it’s this tiny tiny patch of grass outside the door surrounded by huge cement walls all the way around.

    Silent Hill 2 Best weird out moment.:
    Pyramid Head + leg monster = Yikes….

    Silent Hill 2 Best Oh –beep-! moment:

    Brook haven roof.
    Fence in the way.
    Read the inscription, something about it being-
    ….hmmm what is that metal scraping sound…

    Silent Hill 2 Dumbest moment:

    James opens the empty freezer and says something to the effect of:
    “It stinks”
    I don’t know if anyone has ever opened an old empty freezer in real life.
    But what James said was not surprising and/or shocking.

    Silent Hill 2 Funniest Moment:
    Dog ending. All this just to get Eddy? That is one mean dog.


    Silent Hill 3 Best Scare:

    This one is strange, but hold with me.

    You talk with Vincent, he blabs on and on about nothing particularly interesting.
    At the end Heather says something like: “Aren’t you worried about the monsters out there?”
    Then Vincent says: “They look like monsters to you?”
    What the HECK have I been killing all through the game!
    The game could have just ended right there…

    Silent Hill 3 Best mental creep out.:

    Looking on the map and seeing the words:
    “Amusement Park” and then latter seeing “Mannequin Storage”
    (Note, I can’t remember… it may have been Mannequin Room or Mannequin factory)

    Silent Hill 3 Best weird out moment:

    Amusement Park ride notice:
    “Don’t ride this ride if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant”

    Silent Hill 3 Best Oh –beep-! Moment:

    Brokhaven Hospital, big mirror room.
    Stand there and watch all the weird vine/vein stuff going on the mirror.
    Your mirror self stops moving like you do.
    Uh oh....

    Silent Hill 3 Dumbest moment:

    Having to “duck” under the spikes in the amusement park.
    Cheap Kill Cheap Kill! twistedevil  

    Silent Hill 3 Funniest Moment:

    Heathers reaction to being asked to get the mysterious object in the toilet.
    UFO ending. James hiding behind the curtains. LOL

    SILENT HILL The Room

    Silent Hill The Room Best Scare:

    Walking in to a room and seeing the giant doll faced monster with the two hands.
    The thing in the refrigerator….
    Not Cool!

    Silent Hill The Room best mental scare:

    Went through the prison.
    Ho Hum.. same old same I thought…
    Return trip through I gradually realized this was… and children prison.
    Not cool!

    Silent Hill The Room Best weird out moment.:

    The entire game is a weird out moment.
    Looking through he peep hole at the landlord and the neighbor talking in the hallway
    Then the landlord says two words…
    “Umbilical Cord”
    I knew I was in for a ride with that for a start.

    Silent Hill The Room Best Oh –beep-! Moment:

    I cant kill the ghosts! I cant kill the ghosts!
    Going back the apartment and not seeing your life refill.
    Uh oh… I wish I had not drunk those health drinks earlier…

    SILENT HILL Homecoming

    Silent Hill Homecoming Best Scare:

    The wheel chair rolling down the stares in the hospital.
    Messed me up!
    First silent hill game with “physics” and I had no idea if that was an enemy or not.

    Silent Hill Homecoming Best mental creep out.:

    At the guys home.
    Water trail from the basement  to his mother, who acts all weird.
    She says something to the effect of: “You need to go to the basement”
    Close second:
    Open the last door in the doctor’s office and find…
    It’s a little girls room.
    Not cool!

    Silent Hill Homecoming best weird out moment:

    Last boss.
    Knew where it was going.
    Not cool…
    Close second:
    Beating the outer shell off the Doll boss.

    Silent Hill Homecoming Best Oh –beep-! Moment:

    Attic sliding box puzzle
    Move a couple of the pieces and find you have messed up the puzzle to the point it takes FOREVER to get it together.

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