Skullgirls DLC characters are all announced.


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    Skullgirls DLC characters are all announced.

    Post by Slarg232 on Sat May 18, 2013 6:44 pm

    So, if any of you were paying attention to the story, Skullgirls had people vote on who should be added next to the game. The order is as follows (3-5 is kinda sketchy, they just said they would add one of them, not when)

    1) Squiggly (Opera Singer with head parasite that extends)
    2) Big Band (Can literally find NO info on him....)
    3) Robo Fortune (Haven't said much about her, other than she was a Voice Pack and is now going to be a character)
    4) Eliza (If you hit her, she spills blood on the ground, and can use that to attack. Also has two stances, one is fast, the other hits hard)
    5) Beowulf (Ex Pro Wrestler who uses his folding chair to beat people, as a springboard, or as Captain America's Shield)

    Sad that Black Dahlia didn't make it, but looking forward to Beowulf.


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