Hawkeye Gough Armour Wanted



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    Hawkeye Gough Armour Wanted

    Post by DarthMcFaiger on Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:29 pm

    Just seeing if anyone has the Hawkeye Gough armour set to trade. I'm an Xbox player on NG++ level 234 and basically I want that set but I am not killing Gough for it, he's far too cool and I refuse to kill him but uf anyone has it to trade I'll do it. Got a lot of Green Shards to give up alongside a few assorted chunks and a white slab and I'll give you all of the shards/chunks/slabs I have for the armour set.

    Also willing to assist anyone, especially in the dlc. I never saw any summon signs in the dlc at all. Anyways, if you want to trade feel free to message my Xbox. Tag is DarthMcFaiger. I will only trade for that set (it's all I need) but I can help too (except Duke's and Seath as I am not there yet on my third playthrough) I am also a UK player so if you fancy a trade bare in mind time difference if you're American etc.

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