Lord's blades/Blade of the Darkmoon *spoilers*


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    Lord's blades/Blade of the Darkmoon *spoilers*

    Post by MediocritasAurea on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:38 pm

    Well shortly my idea which I already mentioned inother topic, are Lord blade's and Blade of the Darkmoon actually same organization just with different name in different time period?

    Both of these groups are meant to be done some kind of assassin works though likely purpose to do so is different.

    Interesting is also that we see only female members from these groups and actually in Lord's blades all members are females according Ciaran's armor set description. Also only npc member of the Blade of the Darkmoon is female and even though Gwyndolin is male he was raised as female.

    Of course male characters can also join Blade of the Darkmoon but that could be more like game mechanical thing or Gwyndolin can have been changed rules.

    But any thoughts about this?

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    Re: Lord's blades/Blade of the Darkmoon *spoilers*

    Post by TheLolrider on Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:52 am

    That's an interesting question. Certainly, their jobs seem similar. The Lord's Blades worked exclusively for Gwyn, while the Darkmoon hunt those who sin against the gods in general, but it's close enough to think that maybe Gwyndolin inherited the Lord's Blades when Gwyn set off to re-light the fire.

    Although, given Gwyndolin's obsession with his father, I'm not sure he would brazenly change the name like that. Perhaps he created a whole new organization after the Lord's Blades disbanded with Gwyn's departure.

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    Re: Lord's blades/Blade of the Darkmoon *spoilers*

    Post by ViralEnsign_ on Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:57 am

    In terms of them being the same organisation I would personally say no.
    We know Gwyndolin uses the Darkmoon's to get his vengeance against sinners against the gods..... and the Lord's Blade are all women, so the two male warriors in the hall in Dark Anor Londo would suggest this...

    See the Lord's Blade armour and I think the Gold Tracer item descriptions for comfromation.

    The Lord's Blades are also similar to the painting guardians....but the Painting Guardians are all men if im not mistaken....

    I would assume the Lord's Blades either died out or were disbanded....


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    Re: Lord's blades/Blade of the Darkmoon *spoilers*

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