Rome 2 Total War. Thoughts and Fears.

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    Rome 2 Total War. Thoughts and Fears.

    Post by Onion Knight on Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:39 pm

    So apart from any future Guild Wars or Witcher games , this is what I'm looking forward to , along with pretty much any pc gamer with even only a mild interest in strategy games. However I'm apprehensive , the original Rome was in my opinion Creative Assembly's magnum opus, the series has been in steady decline since then. The original Rome was the perfect blend of visuals , scale, variety and a competent ai as well as an excellent modding community that has kept the game fresh for thousands of gamers for these past 10 years. Although Shogun 2 has essentially saved the series after the disastrous Empire Total War. It still highlighted the problems that have bogged the newer instalments of the series.
    -Shorter , smaller and frankly dull Campaign maps with a terrible and buggy ai.
    -A lack of unit variety (even with basic model design.)
    -Many easy to solve bugs and sometimes major bugs upon release.
    -Hammy battle ai which is as predictable and subtle as brick wall.
    Sorry about the miniature rant ; but this is the sequel that us Total War fans have been looking for since Medieval 2. Welp even if it's broken it'll look nice I guess .....

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    Re: Rome 2 Total War. Thoughts and Fears.

    Post by Wade_Wilson on Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:59 pm

    I've only played Rome Total War, and it's my third favourite game of all time (Dark Souls is first, followed by AoE II). However, I've heard a lot of complaints that they've dumbed down the series since then.

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