Coming back


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    Coming back

    Post by Zhangbob on Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:44 pm

    Well, its been god only knows how long but i'm back. None of you probably know me but i promise you all will. heard a few days ago this eas comign out for pc and it got me excited about the game agian.

    Before i was a smough armor Sorc spell caster, still love that armor to know end,but instead i think im going to make a more versitile build. thought of the family masks with it, but then read more forums and found out its already a old overly used habit.

    So i think im going to roll a G.Scythe pyromancer with smough armor and only use G combust with a few very minor sorc spells like chemeleon and hidden weapon or spell arrow (to throw people off) as well as wield the tri shot cross bow in off hand with the scythe.

    TLDR: I havent play in forever so i dont know what is popular or working atm. but im back and will harrass you guys to no end big grin

    or you can take off the smough helm and use mothers mask
    which lets you lower the end to 46 and bring the vit to 46 giving you 2012 hp instead of 1590, but i know that stuff is over used or heck even throw on the +20% spell damage crown if you like the pyro spells so much

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