wtt BKS for anything SL38 PS3



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    wtt BKS for anything SL38 PS3

    Post by shoopdahwhoop on Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:03 pm

    psn shoopdahwhoop

    Black Knight Shield, Humanity, titanite Slab(s), titanite Chunks specifically would be great, but i'm flexible. hmu on psn.

    **please note, BKS (Black Knight Sword), NOT BKGS (Black Knight Greatsword).

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    Re: wtt BKS for anything SL38 PS3

    Post by Oran_G_Coon on Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:35 pm

    I'm only SL 11, so I'm not sure I'm within you're range, but just in case:

    I got: Blk Knt Sword, Blk. Knt Grt Sword, Blk Knt Grt Axe, Blk Knt Halberd, Blk Knt Shield, titanite Chunks of every colour, Dragon Scales, if there's something else you're after, maybe we can work something out . . .

    I'm looking for: Compound Bow, Claymore, Estoc, Halberd, Sunlight Straight Sword, Sack, Kirk Knight of Thorns Armor + Weapon Set, titanite Slabs (any colour), Soul of Sif, Soul of Moonlight Butterfly, Soul of Queelag, Core of Iron Golem

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