List of Best Levels for PvP after SL120



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    List of Best Levels for PvP after SL120

    Post by Razielthemanslayer on Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:49 pm

    I wanted to make this thread so each of us could tell about the summoning and invasion rate after the popular SL120 cap. Basically for all of those who want to give their build some extra muscle. Then with the information we can build a little List for the best levels for pvp after SL 120! :3

    SL 160-165
    I just went to the forest with that level and I couldn't believe how fast I was getting invaded!. I couldn't even reach the other side of the forest where alvin is because of the invasion rate, I had to go hollow and Solo Sif to be able to progress in NG++.

    But some this is in the forest, Most of the other areas rarely get any invasions or summon signs.


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    Re: List of Best Levels for PvP after SL120

    Post by dwx on Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:30 am

    I've progressed through SL120 to SL209 now and the forest and the undead burg are by far the places I've been invaded the most, and it's happened at pretty much all SL. The Kiln is also good for being invaded at high levels. The Forest you'll see red and white signs at all levels, even at 200+. Undead burg as well but not as many.

    In the Forest I also had to go hollow just to join the Forest Covenant since you can't join during an invasion. Even using the dried finger didn't help much.

    I was at SL200? yesterday farming titanite Chunks in New Londo and I actually got invaded...that was a first and a PITA since I hadn't killed the DW yet and the guy wasn't going to wait for me to do so, he actually ran and hid in one of the DW buildings...

    I am progressing up to SL225 and will stop there.

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