Demon titanite


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    Demon titanite

    Post by Bamjam on Sat May 05, 2012 6:44 am

    Since the chattango is full of kids raging i thougt id make this thread.

    I need 1 more demon titanite to upgrade my artorius sword to +5 and i killed all demons and looted all the titanites from the chests in anor londo.
    And im to lazy to go unlock the yellow fog gates so i can go farm the titanite demon in lost izalith silly.
    I got like 30 white and 30 blue titanite chunks if someone want to trade me one for that im a happy man! Im not giving you all 30 but i think we could work something out.

    Im on xbox gt Bamjam86 SL170 send me a msg if your interested, ill be gone for the next 6 hours but im online tomorrow 100%.

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