DarkSouls fake trailer


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    DarkSouls fake trailer

    Post by MosquitoPower on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:41 am

    Wrath of the Titans and DarkSouls seemed like a good match... so I combined them together!
    All audio except for one sound effect is from the Wrath of the Titans trailer.

    This video is actually part of a set. I edited together another one using Clash of the Titans and Demons Souls.
    (a link that you get to constantly see in my obnoxious signature):
    The "PREPARE TO DIE" words seemed to work so well for Demons Souls I used DarkSouls 2's "trailer words" in this video.

    I really wanted to have original footage for this project, but my editing setup is just not set up to capture PS3 footage easily. So I had to rely on what other had uploaded on youtube. I had planned on a large credits but this project took soooo long that I ended up loosing my notes. If you see something you uploaded, thanks a million and I hope you liked this project.
    I do remember one name, I barrowed some footage from VaatiVidya's excellent Prepare to Cry series, make sure to check out his stuff:

    I also tried not to use the to much of the same footage EVERYONE uses in DarkSouls related fan videos. But I could not resist the crow.... sorry....

    So there you go, almost all of dark souls in less that 2 minuets.
    You may have seen all the footage before... but you have not seen it in this order before!

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    Re: DarkSouls fake trailer

    Post by jaythibodeau on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:48 am

    That was amazing. Best part was 1:28. lol
    You did an awesome job smoothly transitioning all of the parts together. It fit quite well with the audio.

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