Terribad Connections... Oi



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    Terribad Connections... Oi

    Post by Xaelai on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:28 pm

    So I decided to give invading a try with some random character I rolled and ran to the Parish.

    Got the Drake Sword, got up to SL10 and then used the cracked orbs you get from Firelink, just to play around for laughs...

    Good God...

    The amount of people with simply terrible internet connections.... three out of the four invasions I tried had people jerking all around the place. The one guy somehow backstabbed after I slid down the ladder, faced him, and had my shield up... then I get backstabbed. Yay. Then I get up (holding my shield button down) and I get hit twice more. Then I'm dead. Errr, ok.

    Then I invaded a guy using what looked like a bastard sword... while circling him and holding my shield up, he was doing damage to me (no fire, lightning, nothing like that). Errr, ya. Then I'd swing at him and my swings would go right through him without doing any damage whatsoever.

    Then the third... what was that, I forget. Oh yeah, a guy and his phantom... the phantom used his seperation crystal and the guy was managing to get behind me while I circle-strafed him.

    The fourth, I finally actually managed to get someone who wasn't lagging ridiculously. It was a fun fight, though she had a TON of health (took me 600+ damage to kill her), got her with a backstab.


    How do these people manage to coop with connections this crappy?

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    Re: Terribad Connections... Oi

    Post by DigitaLinsanitY on Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:52 pm

    What I find the worst is when I pick up a RSS and get killed (or damn near close) before the guy loads on my screen. I don't even see the "phantom summoned" message.

    I can handle everything else... that's pretty much the only thing I block list people for.

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