SL1 Four Kings (XBL) [Resolved]



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    SL1 Four Kings (XBL) [Resolved]

    Post by Chronos on Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:59 am

    Well I'm currently working on another SL1 character, my previous being leveled up to 12 for some better low-level PVP options. I still however had the urge to beat this game SL1 again after my brother had began attempting the same challenge. This time around though, the kings seem to screw me at every single opportunity. The majority of the time I get the kings health between 50-75% until my entire screen turns into a clusterf*ck of magical explosions and blades and my health bar is reduced to nothing in one fell swoop. The minority of the time I'm being one shotted near the beginning of the battle. At 3 in the morning, this is not something I have the patience nor mental capacity to be doing alone. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to continuously walk back. If someone is willing to help me out here (mainly with holding aggro), then I'd appreciate it and be willing to return the favor. Who's up for some jolly cooperation?

    Revolved: Decided to give it another shot solo. Took out Combustion and added Iron Flesh to the mix, along with my Great Combustion, Battle Axe +5 Lightning, and Havel Set with Child Mask. Praise the Iron Flesh!

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