PSN Level 168 - Require Moonlight Greatsword - Resolved



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    PSN Level 168 - Require Moonlight Greatsword - Resolved

    Post by Fahrenheit457 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:40 am

    Hi peeps

    I am looking for these 3 weapons to complete my Knights Honor trophy which will get me my platinum. Do any of you have these 3 weapons I could borrow for a few seconds or trade for them.
    If you are looking for rocks, I have the following


    18 titanite chunks
    64 green titanite
    1 blue titanite slab, 35 blue titanite chunks
    43 red titatine chunks
    35 white titanite chunks
    50 twinkling titanite
    17 dragon scales


    Velkas armour
    Maiden armour
    Black knight armour - full set
    Ornsteins armour
    Kirks armour
    Paladin armour
    Xanthous armour
    Mask of morther, father, child
    Symbol of avarice


    Tiny Beings ring
    Old witch's ring
    Ring of favour and protection
    Ring of fog


    Dark silver tracer & gold silver tracer - both at + 5
    Stone greatsword
    Gravelord sword + 5
    Lightning washing pole +2
    Velkas rapier
    Dragon tooth
    Crystal halberd + 5
    Chaos scythe +5
    Divine Gorgoyle halberd + 10
    Black knight halberd
    Guardian tail
    Let me know if you want to trade for any of the 3 weapons I require for my trophy

    PSN: Fahrenheit457

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    Re: PSN Level 168 - Require Moonlight Greatsword - Resolved

    Post by GenericUsername on Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:05 am

    I have the gargoyle and moonlight sword but might need to red summon sign. That alright with you?

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