i cant hit the enemy with weapon


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    i cant hit the enemy with weapon

    Post by dark wolf on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:24 pm

    I get Invade by players the not matter what weapon ,shield or armor i use it always did not work right . my weapon did not damage the enemy ( i use different weapon to check ) , my shield and armor did not defend my from the damage ( i talking about 1/3 of my HP every time ) , and the enemy weapon ( not matter what kind of weapon ) always cause bleed .

    The alone thing the all Invade players have in common is the halo the you get when you use "GREEN BLOSSOM" or "TRANSIENT CURSE" . Please help me .

    p.s. i mistake post this topic in the pc discussion ( i have no idea how it happen ) , anyway it in http://soulswiki.forumsrpg.com/t14492-i-cant-hit-the-enemy-with-weapon#286904

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