SL100 new thresholds - what it changes in our lives (as if it does...)


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    SL100 new thresholds - what it changes in our lives (as if it does...)

    Post by felclef on Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:49 pm

    Hellow brothers, how you doing?

    Well, this time I will start discussion about new status thresholds at SL100, one of the most promissory tiers, thanks the most hot arena soul level (till now...).

    Well, in the early times of SL120, we could manage to have powerful damage output, life, equip burden, buffs, and so on. We could even see some DMB with both Fai:50 and Dex:40, which is pretty overkill!

    Well, now, imagine yourselves rolling a DMB Murakumo at SL100: you gotta cut something, once the pre-req is pretty expensive (Str:28 and Fai:30, assuming one handed Mura).

    But the thread isn't about a DMB Mura. This is just an example. The same would happen to heavy pre-reqs Str builds with a CMW, I can presume.

    It's more like a meta-game analysis, although I know it's kinda early to think about it...

    There we go:

    -> TL;DR <-

    What you think the new tier changes when we are designing new builds and strategies?
    - New damage thresholds?
    - New HP floors?
    - New must haves?
    - (anything else?)

    We can even go further and consider the patch nerfs and fixes, I'm sure we have threads related. I can edit this post and add then here:


    Thanks guys!

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