1.06 disorganized my inventories


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    1.06 disorganized my inventories

    Post by WandererReece on Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:14 pm

    I believe patch 1.06 changed my bottomless box. I NEVER used the reorganize command with any of my character, because I was afraid it would screw up their inventories. Also, the game did a very good job of auto organizing my stuff. Then I noticed things were out of place after the patch.


    • Skull lantern put in talismans
    • Ornstein’s armor and moonlight robes mixed together

    (Character in NG++. It was first character created, so it wasn’t BB glitched.)


    • Great hero soul above nameless soldier soul (souls used to be in ascending order.)
    • Humanity and twin humanity separated.
    • Family masks separated
    • Both maiden gloves separated
    • Both sacks separated
    • Skull lantern put in talismans
    • Phyromancies and miracles mixed together

    (Character is near the end of NG+. It had child, mother, chain mail armor, chain mail leggings, maiden gloves, uchigatana, shotel, grass crest, and canvas talisman BB glitched from phyromancer.)


    • Hollow warrior and hollow soldier sets mixed together
    • Silver knight and hollow thief’s sets mixed together
    • Painted guardian set separated
    • Favor set and moonlight set mixed together
    • Dark mask separated from set

    (Character at start of NG. Had everything BB glitched from phyromancer. This character has not picked up any items in the game. This character’s inventory should look exactly like the phyromancer’s inventory, but it doesn’t.)

    I noticed these changes after 1.06 was downloaded, although it may be a coincidence. Again, I NEVER used the reorganize command. Has anyone else experienced similar problems in their inventories after the patch?

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    Re: 1.06 disorganized my inventories

    Post by ublug on Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:16 pm

    I had a few items misplaced, but it went back to normal when I used the Reset function.

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    Re: 1.06 disorganized my inventories

    Post by Uparkaam on Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:27 pm

    Few items had swapped places for me too. But I quickly put them in their proper places.

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    Re: 1.06 disorganized my inventories

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