Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)


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    Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)

    Post by Gazoinks on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:22 pm

    Excuse me if this slightly crazy theory has already been laid out by someone else. Also, I know everyone's sick of it by now, but this all kind of hinges on the pendant. It's a lore use though, not "I can use it if I do three backflips during the fight with Gwyn!".

    Okay, so who do we know who has the pendant?
    1. The player (if you pick it)
    2. Forest Hunters (as a drop)
    3. Rhea of Thorlund.
    Of the three, Rhea is the only one who always has the pendant in-game no matter what, and that's what I'll be speculating about. The other 2 pendant options I'm not sure about.

    Anyway, you've probably seen this picture (picture stolen from Sieglyn in the Pendant Theories thread. Not to Anor on PC yet, so couldn't get my own):

    A painting of a young girl holding a wand or brush and what looks to be the pendant. Now, the general assumption seems to be that it's Gwyndolin, but what if it's Gwynevere? She's wearing red and white, colors much more associated with the sun (which Gwynevere seems to be associated with despite being female). Gwyndolin's current attire is white and blue, and I think it's safe to assume he dressed like that as a kid due to the association with the moon. Obviously this is somewhat flimsy reasoning, but I don't think it's much more flimsy than saying it's Gwyndolin (unless there's another reason I missed?).

    Now let's talk a little about Rhea. We know she and her buddies come from Thorlund (small side note, overlap of Thorlund and Carim: Both appear far more religious than the other nations, Petrus is hinted to be from Carim. This is totally unfounded, but perhaps Thorlund is a county or even church within Carim? The Thorolund Talisman is also reminiscent of Velka's (who's associated with Carim): neither require Faith to be effective. The Ivory Talisman is the complete opposite, though.). We know Rhea and her bros came to Lordran in search of the Rite of Kindling. Lastly, we know that she ends up in the Tomb of Giants (despite that being farther than you need to go to find the Rite) and Duke's Archives (why? She's not a sorcerer, so the archives shouldn't hold the same attraction they do to Logan).

    One final note before I bring this all together: I personally believe in the theory that the gods are more or less human, but with exceptionally powerful souls, and that their power fluctuates with the strength of the Flame.

    So, as Anor Londo got crappier we knew a lot of gods left Lordran for Carim, including Gwynevere (who later married the god of flame and custard, Flann). However, while she was in Carim she noticed the flame was fading and she was weakening. Perhaps feeling guilty, Gwynevere disguises herself as a pilgrim named Rhea, recruits some Clerics of Thorolund (she was presumably already involved with the church), and heads back to Lordran. She wants to take her father's place and Link The Fire in order to restore Lordran, but she knows she can't do it as she is now, she's too weak. So, in order to gain the extra control over fire she needs, she seeks out the Rite of Kindling. In addition, she seeks out her father's old allies: Nito and Seath, not knowing that in the interim they had gone insane (well, Nito was probably always crazy, so we can assume she was going to him out of desperation). She picks up the Rite of Kindling and then heads further into the Tomb of Giants to see Nito, but is tricked by Patches and trapped in a hole till you save her. Then, after she's repaid you for rescuing her by teaching you her miracles, she heads to the Duke's Archives to call on Seath. She reaches the dragon, but he traps her in a cell, probably to be turned into a Pisaca. Finally, her soul severely weakened by the fading of the flame to the point that she's essentially human, she gives up hope and becomes Hollow. (I don't remember what she looks like in Duke's, could someone confirm she's actually Hollow and not just crazy like Logan?)

    So, yeah, that's it. It's not really founded on much solid stuff besides the pendant connection, but I thought it was interesting. Worth thinking about, at least.

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    Re: Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)

    Post by WyrmHero on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:00 am

    Your theory is based on that Thorolund + Carim = same region, that gods + humans = same race and that Rhea = Gwynevere. It's too much speculation in my opinion. Carim and Thorolund are completely different regions of the DkS world, both on people ethnicity and lore/costumes. In my opinion I really don't think humans = gods. Gods are a another race in DkS world. The Silver/Black Knights and the 4 Knights could be considered demigods. We have the giants, the witches, the dead, dragons and demons. The 4 Lord Soul were a "gift" to the most important of all the races: the gods, the witches, the dead and the humans. After the director said in a interview that the witches were a different race than humans I've always thought they are like the "elves" of DkS.

    Also you are missing a very important point, Seath kidnapped maidens. These maidens are the transformed tentacle monsters you see at the bottom of the prison. Speculation: You can see Reah hollow there because either she was also kidnapped by Channeler or went voluntarily and couldn't escape the prison so without humanity she went hollow.

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    Re: Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)

    Post by Shkar on Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:45 pm

    Basically what Wyrm said, but I do have to ask: Where is everyone finding evidence hat suggests ANY connection between the gods and Carim? The ONLY connection I can POSSIBLY think of is Lautrec, but that's not a strong link in the slightest since religions spread. Hell, Solaire and Siegmeyer obviously knew of Gwyn, and they didn't come from Lordran.

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    Re: Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)

    Post by vatar5 on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:56 am

    ^Well,you said it yourself,Lautrec with Fina but you forgot someone:

    Le Oswald de Carim who is a follower of Velka which may indicate,speculation speculation,that Velka is or was at Carim.

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    Re: Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)

    Post by FellipeMariano on Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:04 pm

    I think that the girl in the painting, holding a brush, is actually Ariamis. I know little of Ariamis, but what I find interesting is that Ariamis created the Painted World (as the Priscilla clearly states when she kills you: "thou shall not see the reason Ariamis created this world" or something like that).

    So, going to some wild speculation, maybe Ariamis had some relation with the Gwyn pantheon, and had a daughter with Seath (I really believe Seath is the "father" of Priscilla). But to give birth to a dragon, the most hated race amongst the gods, is a abomination, so in order to preserve life of Priscilla, Ariamis created the Painted World as a refugee.

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    Re: Rhea=Gwynevere? (Warning: Wild Speculation Ahead)

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