Need help (Xbox 360) <RESOLVED>


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    Need help (Xbox 360) <RESOLVED>

    Post by 255gecko on Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:56 am

    I need help getting through Blightown and killing Queelag, I really have no clue how to find her, I can only enter via valley of drakes
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    Don't need help any more finished quest when watching a walkthrough.

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    Re: Need help (Xbox 360) <RESOLVED>

    Post by meevey on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:27 pm

    Sorry I can't help in person but I can give you a few tips you need alot of blooming purple blossom (I think) you can buy it from the undead merchant in the aquaduct you'll always want the rusted iron ring you recieve from the revisit to the undead asylum this'll help you running through the swamp going down from valley of drakes entrance you go down the many ladders and you'll eventually hit a waterwheel you can go down from this by dropping on one of the platforms at the bottom you'll be near to a bonfire this is a smart one to kindle you'll also be attacked by dark phantom maneater mildred if in human form, from there you can run straight right and you'll end up hitting a hill area with loads of roots coming out going from the right side you can avoid the big guys with boulders completely from there its a straight run to Quelaag if you're still in human form you can also summon maneater mildred to help in the boss fight once again sorry I couldn't help in person, good luck!

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