Late night Burg PvP Duel fun.


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    Late night Burg PvP Duel fun.

    Post by MisterLukasz on Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:52 pm

    Hey there ! I'm new.. happy
    Thats enough of introduction! 8)
    I wish to share details of my latest Pvp session that happened just this very night.

    So I have just defeated Gwyn (Epic Boss music for him, by far my favourite of all), and start ng+, Head straight for the Burg for some dueling!
    I'm running an *almost* 40 faith/Dex build (Not final sl) as it's become my fabourite build with the BSS and lemon buff if I feel I needit.

    So my first few soapstone duels go okay, I'm not a PvPer normally but wish to get better, I'm not terrible, but not fantastic.... So I win a few, lose a few more, one notable duel loss was to a pyromancy build, normally I think my self decent against these but this duel was like a dance of fire, absolutely maged to wreck me silly

    then my brother reminds me that the shield on my back can be actually be usefull in combat ...*facepalm* :suspect:

    anywho, I have a few duels with a guy who invedes me around 2 times, I get a duels worth of lessons of how a marukumo can practically two hit my character with its jump attack... the second duel went much better, both blocking, attempting parries, NO backstabbing (lovely) and both of us whittling done one anothers health. Both of us end up with one hits worth of health left, He goes in for a slash whilst I heavy stab, we both end up dying at the same time which for some reason just made that duel seem so much better. happy

    Unfortunately I bump into what I assume was a hacker, no damage? whacks me stupid with the black knigh great axe, he invades again he then dragon firebreaths for an insane amount of time till he catches me in the fire Until I die?(He literally started firebreathing from the otherside of the Burg "arena" follows my charcter as i jog left, then follows after i manage a roll through it then finally catches me) 🇳🇴 got ganked- chain backstabbed once too.....

    A few more duels later, mainly losses silly I get an invasion, dude wearing some/most of ornsteins armor and wielding the dragon slayer spear, so I bow, he bows, Duels on!

    Starts of with a few rolls, stabbing from my part, testing his actions, he manages to stab me in the chest, unfortunately for him his spear Didn't do as much as I thought it might, only 200 ish, I expected more as my character being at lvl 106, below 40 Vit and wearing mostly brass amour , So I put some more pressure on, slash a bit, heavy stab, his health gets low.
    He then uses a divine blessing......
    Yes. He, the invader healed.... :suspect: it rubbed me a bit wrong, but unlike him I didnt heal, I attacked a bit more until he backed off, then took the moment to Sunlight blade my bss+15, Then I get more aggresive in my attacks, rolling towards and slashing , heavy attacking whenever i can, within a hit or two his health is back down, and He's strafing around trying to heal, one more slash and I finish it. big grin

    Sorry if that was a bit long, I'm just a bit excited from one of my longer and better PvP sessions!

    Also I wouldn't mind some opinions on the way I used the Lemon buff on that last duel?

    Normally I'll wait and see if the opposition buffs, and normally decline to do so if they don't, But he healed so I thought I'd show him sunlight fury. twisted

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    Re: Late night Burg PvP Duel fun.

    Post by kettpower on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:40 am


    and good to hear u had some good duels. well at least it sounds like that.

    About the guy using the DB: I usually chain-BS if someone is healing in a clear duel-like situation. its not okay, not fair and not polite. i know these things usually mean nothing in dks, but i try to stick to them and i expect others to do that too. depending on the situation there may be exceptions, but as you explained it, it was a duel - so no healing!

    Personally i'm okay with buffs. U invested the stat points, then u can use it. If a person is careless enough to allow u to do it midst fight then even more so. i think the problem that some ppl have with buffs, is because it can affect the development of a fight in an annoying way, if one opponent is evading all the time till the buff wears out.
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    Re: Late night Burg PvP Duel fun.

    Post by Heroez Blade on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:51 am

    @ MisterLukasz and kettpower

    Welcome to the forums and make sure to follow the guidelines to keep your posts within the rules.

    Your posts so far are good, just a reminder.

    Anyway on topic, it sounds like you had some pretty good duels which is not that common anymore, in my opinion. And about the dragon head glitcher be prepared because there are going to be plenty of glitchers 🇳🇴 . It sounds like you are being honorable and keeping your fighting style clean so just keep up the good work and dont give up if times get hard.


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    Re: Late night Burg PvP Duel fun.

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