Some strange Forest Hunters and hosts..


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    Some strange Forest Hunters and hosts..

    Post by ted1023 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:04 pm

    I was in the forest last night, I first started with my Hunter toon and was summoned I as get the the host world I see a fellow hunter being jumped by a Goldie and the host. I started fighting the Goldie so the other guy can take out the host as I kill my guy I realized that the host beat the hunter I then start to fight the host which got me with a back stab..oh well he got one. then I get a message “where were you?” “Next time leave the other guy alone” Ok I took it from this he thinks I should have just taken out the host with him..ok.

    Now I reinvade (same host) As I’m running up the bank I see the message “Dark spirit so and so has been vanquished” So now it’s me and his Goldie after a game of tag a fellow hunter invades “same one that sent me the message” So now I’m fighting the host and he jumps in as well and eats a B/S from the Goldie OHK (I hate the hornets ring.) So I manage to take out the host and Bye Bye Goldie..

    New message “ What The F@##k"? why didn’t you take out the other guy”” I’m thinking are you freaking kidding me. First to tell me to take out the host now your upset cause I did as you

    Next invasion I’m there fighting another host and his goons.. and guess who comes to help, So my fellow hunter runs up as I’m fighting 2 on 1 and I guess he thought he was gonna teach me a lesson by watching them jump me without moving.. oh well ..I took them both out.. and if I would have had an f-u gesture I would have given it to Then I get a message from the host challenging me to 1v1 PvP and I’m thinking does he not realize it was 2on1 his favor? So One rss later I killed him

    By now I’m bored fighting the same guys so I change toons and now I’m the host.. Guess who’s my first invader and my first Oh yea he sent me 3 hate mails in a oh and in all the fights I didn’t have any goons with me all 1v1. it was a fun night I died a bunch but it was fun except for the

    One questions to all, why all the hate mail and the foul so foul language..lmao

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    Re: Some strange Forest Hunters and hosts..

    Post by Liff Daddy on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:10 pm

    People get angry at video games for some strange reason.

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