Is there a worse place than the Kiln?


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    Re: Is there a worse place than the Kiln?

    Post by LOLRagezzz on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:48 pm

    This thread is all the more reason I love to pvp at the kiln.

    If there is no chance for victory then go jump off a cliff and deny them the humanity they were farming for.

    USE THE BRIDGES in 1v3!

    when you bring the party back there you will find out who has some kohones and whos got the va jay jays


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    Re: Is there a worse place than the Kiln?

    Post by Blazefury on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:55 pm

    Yesuurd wrote:the forest is ripe today, it's like a conference of gangbangers....we probably didn't get the flyer

    I invaded for about one hour and a half at the Forest and yes, lot's of 2v1 and one 3v1. But I also had a 2v2 and some free for all action, when Darkwraiths invade. And I've got my fellow Mushrooms and Forest Hunter NPC's to help me if I'm getting ganked.

    I'll just do the normal procedure if it's 1v1. I'll even wait for them to kill the NPC's if they're alone. I find the Forest to be fun because you can roleplay, I mean, you're a Forest Hunter and there's someone running on your territory, it's up to you to defend it.

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