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    Post by Hopkins420 on Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:29 pm

    Greetins forum. I was reading a thread like this I really enjoyed but with few replies so I thought I'd try it again. This is NOT a place to complain about honor and whatnot. I just want to hear some of your amusing and/or humorous situations you've come across while being invaded in PVE not duels. So I'll start.
    I was pretty fresh on a NG++ run and I reached the undead church area. I summoned a couple whites to help with the bell gargoyles. Unnecessary I know but makes it quite faster of a battle. Anyway I get invaded and proceed to spend a good ten-twenty minutes searching for him to no avail.
    Finally I said *** it and start heading upstairs towards the boss with my phantoms in tow. The moment moment we walk into the room with about ten undead shorts words and the channelor there's my invader. He immediately starts spamming WDB and CSS until both my phantoms were dead. Later on I had a good laugh. It was even pretty smart, but at the time I was enraged at how "cheap" lol, I thought that was. It also helped that after dodging all his sorcerers I parried and backstabbed him mercilessly.

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