Testing needed: Sunlight Maggot and Baby Skeletons


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    Testing needed: Sunlight Maggot and Baby Skeletons

    Post by Green__Eagle on Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:30 am

    My impression is the drop rate for Humanity increases and the disappearing Humanity decreases if you wear the Sunlight Maggot while farming the baby skeletons in Tomb of Giants.

    The Humanity seems to stay on the water longer, too. The Humanity disappears as fast as normal if it is on the ground. I haven't had a Humanity disappear, before I can grab it, when it's on the water.

    The Humanity is harder to see when you have the Sunlight Maggot, but you get used to the new look.

    My discovery item rate does not change whether I wear the Sunlight Maggot or not, but it seems the light does make a difference.

    Later edit: I don't think the Sunlight Maggot is increasing the drops of Humanity, but it does seem to allow the Humanity to stay longer to be picked up.

    I think the number of Humanity in your counter increases the drop rate of Humanity from the Baby Skeletons. It may have to do with Prime numbers. When I had 11 Humanity in my counter (when I first started testing this), the drops in Humanity jumped WAY up.

    As I was being summoned to fight Nito and the Humanity in my counter changed, the frequency of Humanity drops dropped. When my counter was 13, the drops increased again.

    Not all Prime numbers are good, though. Right now I have 37 Humanity in my counter and I cannot get a single Humanity to drop from the Baby Skeletons. My current SL, which is 97, is a Prime number, so this may be a factor.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: Testing needed: Sunlight Maggot and Baby Skeletons

    Post by WhiteSoui on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:43 am

    :| check the wiki the drop scales with humanity

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