sorcery hmmmmm


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    sorcery hmmmmm

    Post by stryks1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:09 am

    how does sorcery scale? Intell? and what's a good weaponto pair with it for more of a pvp view?

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    Re: sorcery hmmmmm

    Post by User on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:13 am

    Sorcery Scales with Intelligence (mostly) and the Catalyst. Miracles with Faith (mostly) and Talismans. Pyromancy nothing but the Pyromancer Flame itself, however the Flame is upgrade-able, while Catalysts are not.

    As for what weapons to pair it with, just look at the Fiath/Intelligence Scaling size and the MagAdjust for each thing to cast spells. The higher the MagAdjustment and Scale of Faith/Intelligence the object, the better the spell will be. Experiment, and feel what they are like. the Crystalized Catalyst is the best for Sorcerers, however the number of times you can use spells is cut by a half. Experiment, and you will find what is right. I think their is also a sticky subject in the lore/Scaling Section of the Forum.

    Food For Thought.

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    Re: sorcery hmmmmm

    Post by BLA1NE on Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:40 am

    Cook's message is a bit misleading (no offense Cook).

    Spells do not scale with Int. They scale with your Catalyst's Mag Adj stat. Your catalyst's Mag Adj stat, though, does scale with Int.

    There's a difference!

    Since Catalysts scale differently, you need to use the right catalyst for your Int level in order to benefit best from that stat. More precisely: if you're wielding the wrong Catalyst, you can keep raising your Int, but your spells will not get stronger.

    For more info:

    As for weapons: a favorite of all mages is the Moonlight Greatsword. You get it by cutting off Seath's tail. Personally, I think it's more appropriate for hybrid Mage/ melee (spellswords). Myself, I prefer to use a Bandit's Knife, rely entirely on my spells, and just have the knife for a last resort critical hit. But really you can use any weapon you like. Either upgrade it along the Magic or Enchanted paths, or the Regular upgrade path and then use Crystal Magic Weapon to buff it for extra damage when you need it.

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    Re: sorcery hmmmmm

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