Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)


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    Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by RandelOolacile on Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:46 pm

    Hi everyone!

    Alright, when I was younger I fell in love with this game I had for my Sega Genesis, Altered Beast. After getting to the end of my first no bonfire run I started to brainstorm a Dark Souls build as an Altered Beast roleplay. So...I thought, Dragon form fits the best and decided with a simple build wearing only balder leggings, iron bracelets and dual wielding Dragon Bone fist when in human form.

    The problem I've run into...dragon scales, not only are they hard to come by without pvp, but I need a ton, 50 to be exact! So...Im going to chronicle, in this thread, the length of time it will take me to acquire all scales. I've never had a dragon form character so I'm willing to put in the time and effort! big grin

    Progress thus far:

    July 25th: 3 scales

    I'm using Symbol of Avarice, Gold Serpent Ring and ten humanity! My discovery rate is 410!

    Wish me luck! Altered Beast rocks!

    a.k.a. MudoRH

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by Razorame on Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:26 pm

    dont need to wear the symbol of avarice your item discovery caps at 410 with ring and 10 humanity you could just leave your sign in the burg if pvp is your thing dont forget to get the load scattered around the game good luck with your build

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by sparkly-twinkly-lizard on Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:54 pm

    to get the dragon body you nedd to donate 30, not 50, 10 scales gets you to rank+1 the next 20 get you to rank+2 when you get the body after that the only benefit is a 5% increase in the roars atk buff.

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by RandelOolacile on Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:20 am

    Yeah, I understand the amount for the covenant rank, but I also want to upgrade my dragon bone fists to +5 so that's an extra 20, 10 each. big grin I'm not privy to the benefits of the dragon form though! The roar buffs?

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by ICEFANG on Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:25 am

    At level 3, the roar increases AR by 1.304348 for a very short time. It also does knockback. I wrote about it in this post:

    ICEFANG wrote:Oh man I love playing Dragon, I love playing it so much
    (other than the 7/9 characters I have being dragons, and making about
    20 different ones) I made an account JUST to give you tons of info and
    advice on being a dragon!

    Oh my where to begin, I guess we can
    start with advantages and disadvantages, I warn you, dragon is not easy
    mode, but it is fun to play and is not only rewarding to good players
    who can use it well, it is rewarding to bear flippy flippy mask of the

    On another note, I dislike 'testing' things, most of my
    information is qualitative (not really number based) I will be telling
    you these based on my experiences, however I do know most of (if not
    all) of the numbers as well, I will let you know if I am pulling it out
    of my butt.

    You cannot wear armor.

    wait, that is the disadvantage, I kept thinking of all the things you
    can't get because of that...

    You cannot:
    -Have poise (either
    its 40 or 0, it would be more logical to wear armor and wear the DWGR
    instead of using dragonform, although I enjoy wearing the wolf ring
    sometimes, as dragon, I usually suggest not wearing it. It does help,
    but not as much as you may expect.
    -Have high defense, no matter what
    you do (with rings etc), your defense will be hard to pass over 200
    (the blue tearstone ring would probably break it somewhat easily, but
    its doubtful it would protect you while its activated).
    toxin/poison/bleed resistance. You will be surprised how much it
    matters. I highly suggest you always use a bloodshield or any
    100/100/100 guard shield (against toxin/poison/bleed) You will
    absolutely need it. Even the impressive 92/92/92 (or 90/90/90) of the
    Sliver/Black Knight Shield isn't great protection. In this train of
    thought, I have trouble suggesting using a tower shield other than
    Artorias's. They (should they have another type of damage, as I've seen
    often with bleed and katanas) just spam it at you, usually winning
    quickly. (I will go over more weapons in detail later)

    there is only one disadvantage, but trust me, its is huge. there is a
    reason people hate DWGR (armor is extremely important). There truly is
    one advantage to get excited about.

    Breath- This is quite a utility, its effective against slow people
    (which are extremely uncommon). It NEEDS to be used in short small
    damage bursts. At level 3 in the covenant (qualitative) it deals ~92
    damage a hit to the hollow zombies in burg (not the soldiers). What is
    special about it, it does deal high poise and blocking-stamina usage
    damage. If they block it or take it all, they will probably stagger,
    however, usually to do that, you will need to use your entire stamina
    bar. The longer you use it, the more stamina it takes. Hence why I
    suggest short bursts. It is effective on smaller enemies, not so much on
    Dragon Claws- This are, honestly, quite bad. They make
    excellent assassin tools. They have an AR of 400 (how do I know? Try BS
    on an enemy, when you deal damage with your claws, it enhances your AR
    from 20-400, you can only see this when you hit someone. This is why the
    dragon bow bs glitch works, it buffs the bow's damage). It also has
    higher crit. I dunno what it is, but it doesn't usually outdamage (my
    favorite weapon) a +5Chaos Gargoyle's Halberd with a BS. I wouldn't be
    surprised if it did with a parry though. Now why do they suck? 400
    single damage is quite fair, especially considering they do not require
    any stats to work, but they moveset (if you can call it that) is, well,
    just worthless. Smack Smack Smack. Its extremely hard to hit another
    player with them, and the damage isn't crazy great either. They do look
    cool though.
    Dragon's Roar (get excited! Oh wee oh wee oh wee!)- This
    is the ability that makes it worth it to be a dragon (other than
    looking cool, btw, no one remind me that this is like force, but with
    the disadvantage of having no armor). This roar has more range than
    force (based on my own thoughts, I use a cleric knight fellow, and after
    using both, I feel as though roar has more range). It seems like WOTG
    has more range than force, I wouldn't be surprised if roar and WOTG had
    the same range. It increases your AR by 1.304348, at level 3, except the
    claws, which I suspect increase 100% (it increases your fist damage
    from 20-40). It also stuns them. I have used it a lot, I will give you
    some important details:
    Enemies with greatshields (oh my bane)
    certain heavy medium shields (Sliver Knight, Black Knight, Sunlight
    Shield, to name the most common) and no small shields I have ever seen,
    will block the roar knockback. It will take stamina of theirs, usually 2
    roars will break a medium shield guard, but if you roar into a
    greatshield, do no roar again unless you like to die. Another cool note:
    any shield 2 handed will stop the roar (do not read this if you ever
    fight me online muhahaha), once again, taking stamina.
    Poise has
    never given a consistent protection against roar. I have roared players
    that seem to ignore it, but usually its followed by a lag stab.
    roar (qualitative) will use up about 95 stamina (you can use it twice
    with 40 end, and RoFaP on, and then a 3rd time using up that little
    sliver left, if you don't mind being open to being hit as your stamina
    returns back).

    Roar is your greatest defense, breath is a good
    utility, and claws suck unless you want to use them in PvE as no
    requirement weapons or as an assassin.

    Now that you have a look
    into the abilities of dragon we can discuss some other features, we can
    start with stat allocation.

    There are 2 builds I suggest dragon
    working for. Low HP and high HP. One of them doesn't care that you're
    not wearing armor, one resists it and gives you some breathing room. My
    SL 125 dragon has 99 vit, but my level 80 (with 50 vit) is stronger in
    comparison to the other levels. I suggest either glass cannon or high
    HP. Playing with moderate HP will not often save you from a BS or a
    stunlock, the advantage is not usually worth the spend (at least against
    other players).

    I prefer to play 0 magic dragons, I think roar
    is a sweet 'magic' that makes it tons of fun to play. I suppose the rest
    of the skills should be spent how you think, but I have one suggestion
    you may scoff at. I highly suggest you put some points (3-5-8) into resistance. You will be surprised how much armor
    protects you from poison. This can mean the difference between someone
    poisoning/toxin you and not. Remember you can't eat a moss when they are
    on your tail. You have no poise or armor to protect you while you do
    it. My SL 80 has 18 res, a Gargoyle's Halberd and a potential
    bloodshield. I haven't been poisoned yet.

    Now I will give you
    advice on weapons.

    Since you have no armor, you need to remember
    that you can't trade hits. A moderate to fast weapon is generally better
    (the halberds have nice range too). Since it is quite easy for them to
    own you if you are using slow attacks all the times. Also, do not exceed
    25% equip load. The biggest advantage you have is an extra ring slot.
    Its not easy to break 25% (without a greatshield), but if you do, I
    suggest you make changes. DWGR is not something you should need with no
    armor. Since a fast weapon isn't likely to stun someone, make sure if
    you roar and hit, you fall back or block right away. You must be close
    for the strike to occur. That is another reason I suggest against
    greatshields. They weigh so much, and when they come spam attacks at
    you, being able to parry (or have poise and start trading hits) is
    really important. Also I do not suggest small shields (if anyone even
    uses them), or things like the dark hand or parry dagger. You need a
    solid shield, one with higher stability and good protection.

    rings I like to use, with my non magic chars are usually, Cloranty ring
    (SP? the stamina regen ring, I shall call it the flower ring), and the
    RoFaP (which I honestly hope they remove, it makes the game quite a good
    deal easier). Since your advantages are based on stamina, roar and
    breath, I want to have that bar be as big as possible and regen as fast
    as possible. I also usually use a Grass Crest Shield in my R2, since I
    usually need it to catch people who run away, or I switch to it quickly
    to recover after an extra roar.

    Oh what was I saying? I shouldn't
    have started thinking of my pvp's as dragon, oh yeah.

    I think of
    this flow chart when I play, I suppose it hinders my ability to play
    the game, oh well.
    Are you or they lagging? If yes than you will
    probably lose. Poise and defense are really important to fish slapping.
    they using a greatshield or heavy medium shield? If yes, I consider it a
    hard match, if no...
    Can they fast roll? If no, then usually I just
    roar and beat them to death, if yes, then...
    Can they retaliate
    quickly? If yes, roar is dangerous and ineffective to use. Roar->roll
    and counter is a dangerous game to play. If no then usually roar will
    win eventually.

    If they are using a slow weapon, go for BSes. I
    dislike how people call it fish for BSes. I suppose I do that, I guess
    if they have a greatshield and a Zwei I should just go toe to toe with
    them right? You will have to use your speed to hit them when they
    strike. Many players will underestimate you, and rightly so, its hard to
    play and many dragons are pathetic cheaters, which brings me to the
    last point.

    Do not dragon machine gun.
    Do not dragon machine
    gun dragon roar (making you nearly invincible).
    Do not use the bow BS

    Play legitimately. It may be easy to win with cheating,
    just like with flippy flippy mask of the poop, but like Dark Souls
    teaches us, its not about you dying, its about the way the victory
    feels. Bring honor to dragons roar!

    If you have other questions,
    which I may have forgotten to answer anyway, please feel free to ask, I
    have tons and tons of experience as a dragon. Which reminds me...

    pyros aren't often effective, the most important pyro, great combust,
    usually doesn't work against anyone with poise with your no poise. Some
    pyros are helpful, but I can't suggest a pyro dragon build, as my first
    dragon was.

    The Dragon Bone Fist isn't a great weapon, I would suggest practicing with them against forest guys before leveling them up, unless you know you want to now.


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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by RandelOolacile on Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:08 am

    Wow, thanks for that info ICEFANG!

    I want the dragon fists, but it's not a definite thing. I've done a few runs with a caestus build, I imagine it'll be similar to that! I'll keep all your info in mind ! big grin

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by RandelOolacile on Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:26 am

    Alright, so I spent all night farming and got 37 with no pvp! Decided not to go for the 50 cause I'm gonna main the balder side sword! +15 all the way, might do a faith dragon and toss in darkmoon blade! big grin ICEFANG, that info is killer! Really got me thinking, thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

    Post by Uparkaam on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:28 am

    "Never give up"

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    Re: Dragon Form (Altered Beast RP)

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