Need Soul of Lord Gwyn, PSN lvl 50-ish (Resolved)


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    Need Soul of Lord Gwyn, PSN lvl 50-ish (Resolved)

    Post by Pennder on Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:48 pm

    Hey, just a shot in the dark here. I would like to get my hands on a Great Lord Greatsword, to use, and I would ideally like to get it before 20 hours into NG+. If anyone has a spare Soul of Gwyn, or the sword itself, I'd be more than happy to trade for it. I can trade whatever my SL 50 has, or we can do a two part trade with my SL 100 or 120. Please feel free to add or message me on PSN. Thanks for your time!

    PSN: Pennder

    Edit: Resolved! Thanks as always to Chiller!

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    Re: Need Soul of Lord Gwyn, PSN lvl 50-ish (Resolved)

    Post by ChillerHR on Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:43 pm

    Hey my friend...I'll give it to you of course...

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