And Again The Gankers two hilarious things

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    And Again The Gankers two hilarious things

    Post by Demon Slayer on Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:10 am

    so guys i was in the forest in my 225 build as you know in the forest don,t are rules
    i gnna say so hilarious things that happen to me while killing gankers

    ok so
    gank number
    1 the host was having a grant
    and phantom a zheizander
    then i was thinking if only the host do the special 2handed attack and hit
    alvina he will loose the covenant and in fact happens and i just laugh so hard after that i run to the FH defenders and we kill him maybe
    ok so
    gank number two

    well normally i invade him and i,m doing the bow gesture his friend attack so i run to the big mushrooms ok then i made it out to them i use fire tempest and i kill his friend after that he kill but a mushroom hit him and kill him loll
    after that i invade him again and looks like he don't hv time to summong his friend but he run en enchant a scimitar with great crystal weapon
    and he start spamming it so a parry him and finally kill him again

    i don,t now why when i kill them they put me indictment
    but whatever
    also guys you maybe think that i,m suck by run for help
    but i thinks that in this circumstances i was need it that i do it

    also see this music this is the music that i hear while killing ganks

    also i was thinking if something like this happens to you guys hilarious thing of course

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    Re: And Again The Gankers two hilarious things

    Post by Zodiaxel on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:44 pm

    best song ever!

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