Unused armor on disc


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    Re: Unused armor on disc

    Post by dirkdeadeye on Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:51 pm

    Federally wrote:
    dirkdeadeye wrote:I'll tell you guys right now. Most games these days are done MONTHS before release, the final disc build has to pass cert. That's when they start cranking out DLC. And go to work on day 1 patching if needed.

    FROM had no plans for DLC after release. They didn't decide to add contebt until the Pc port was given the go ahead, so they had little time to put this together and it only makes sense they would go back and finish ideas that had to be scrapped during initial development.

    Serious I think your definition of new content and mine are different. I see a big difference between content that got cut due to budget/time constraints being finished as DLC and content that was finished but held back to be sold as DLC, such as what BioWare and Capcom have been doing. When developing a game good ideas get cut constantly for a myriad of reasons its just the way the business works, DLC giving this stuff a chance to see the light of day is good.

    Overall Serious I think you're just being a little extra pessimistic.

    I'm not being pessimistic. It's what happens. The game goes through certification for, a long time...Microsoft is picky as hell, and there's a line. Meanwhile you have graphics artists, designers, story guys just sitting on their hands waiting for the game to get through cert..So, while they're not scrambling to fix post launch bugs..they work on DLC. Games are a lot easier to to develop these days..Well unless you're doing something crazy like CoD.

    I honestly don't care if it's on the disk. Off the disk, standalone downloadable..If it's good, take my money. Capcom's DLC was planned pre-launch, they put it on the disk as a convenience, so you don't have to download it. Weather or not that's a PR spin, is anyones guess.. But when you're so far removed from the end users perspective..you kind of forget how people would react to something like that..so I can see it happening.

    Bioware is much like my example. They have a ton of story, and graphics artists..who sit on their hands after the disk goes through cert and debugging. Hell yes you have them make DLC. That's incremental money sitting on the table. And if it's good enough to warrant a purchase..it's gonna sell.

    Business is business. I completely understand and I don't mind one bit.
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    Re: Unused armor on disc

    Post by BLA1NE on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:09 am

    ublug wrote:I'm almost more intrigued by the other unused set: http://i.imgur.com/F6HcZ.png
    The unused weapons are a bit puzzling as well: http://imgur.com/a/M4N5Y (four kings sword, stone talisman, strange pole weapon)
    Nice links Ublug--you always have the most interesting links!

    http://i.imgur.com/F6HcZ.png - Ciaran, maybe?

    I recognize Shiva's sword in there ( http://i.imgur.com/u4tf7.png ) from the concept art, didn't make the cut. And the 4 Kings sword. What are those, though: http://i.imgur.com/oVz6a.png , http://i.imgur.com/RtZed.png ?

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