Fourth of July!


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    Fourth of July!

    Post by Xacktastic on Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:08 am

    Tell us about your Fourth of July!

    It isn't a big holiday in my family, so I usually go somewhere else.
    I had 2 this year.
    The first was with all my buddies, and we spent the day building bombs and setting off mortars and ****. You know, general shenanigans! Ducktape, explosives, and black powder make for a great day.
    Then, today, I went and celebrated with my fiance and her family. We camped on the beach, had a bonfire, set off fireworks, and barbecued a whole pork. It was a great night! tongue

    So, how did all of you spend your day? Any awesome injuries or mishaps to recall for us? SHARE!

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