Woohoo! Beat my first griefer!!!


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    Woohoo! Beat my first griefer!!!

    Post by Aelia on Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:25 am

    I decided to start a new game, and in to make it a bit more interesting I'm using the Chaos/Lightning Cestus combo this time around. I made it to the Parish, and while I'm fighting the dark knight, I get the message that I've been invaded. Since I've just made it, and have only killed the rats and the knight, I figure I'll wait at the top of the tower for the invader.

    Invader comes up, and it's a grass shield/bandit knife+15/gold resin/dung pie/poison knife/green grass/humanity/parry spamming phantom. All the phantom really does is try to bum rush me, and mass spam R1 to inflict bleed while trying to keep me toxic.

    We scuffle a bit up on the tower, he's got a bit of an advantage up there, I accidentally rolled into the stairwell, and he immediately starts to reapply buffs and pop a humanity, so I decide to heal up myself and take this into the basement where the three rats were.

    We scuffle some more down in the basement, and I wind up winning, keep in mind after the invader pops another 3 humanities -.- He got a for that, his parry spammage, and for all his pie tossing.

    Noobish invader, and I made plenty of mistakes (didn't parry riposte like I should have during his R1 spamming, didn't go for backstabs when I had the chance) but I'm still pretty happy with the outcome. It's a bit different to be fighting in the SL25 range rather than the SL120-125 range, and to be using a weapon type I've never used before.

    I've been a bit peeved with all the low level griefers that I've come across lately.... I might make an anti griefer build. Maybe take it up to new game +7 and let them say hello to Lautrec and Solaire too! silly
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    Re: Woohoo! Beat my first griefer!!!

    Post by Carphil on Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:07 pm

    Most griefers expect to invade newbies who never beat the game before, so they suck at PVP. Still, its dificult to beat someone with starting gear when they're using full upgrade gear with lightning crap. Congrats!

    I remember dealing with invader in parish when I was sl 10, my weapons barely could deal 50 damage, but I liked to pretend I was a newbie, parry/backstab them, then run to the fog.

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    Re: Woohoo! Beat my first griefer!!!

    Post by bmurn on Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:13 pm

    Awesome. I just started a new mage. Level four. Now whenever I am human in the burg/parish I go get Lautrec and Solaire for company. I am still waiting to get invaded, but I'm guessing I might need to level up a bit.

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    Re: Woohoo! Beat my first griefer!!!

    Post by NPCWhiteMage on Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:21 pm

    I remember when I beat my first Griefer...it was a glorius day indeed. It was in Sen's and the guy was spamming his Lightning Spear (Weapon not miracle) and Lightning Claymore. He was in Havel's set so had an insane amount of poise. His goal was to stun lock me into a brutal combo of lightning attacks.

    I couldn't stagger him because of his poise, and he already killed my friend who was guiding me through Sen's. So I decided instead of going offense, I would be an ***. I three a Great Chaos Fire ball (or 4) at him, and not wanting to get stuck in the lava, he dodge rolled, but was an idiot about it and rolled onto one of the swinging blade walkways. I put up my shield and approached, forcing him to back up.

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    Re: Woohoo! Beat my first griefer!!!

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