Ostrava Cosplay


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    Ostrava Cosplay

    Post by Extertionist on Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:49 am

    He does have a high magic defense and I tried to get the armor as close as possible. I choose the ring shield because the design is somewhat similar but I am sad that there's almost nothing to replace the Rune items.

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    Re: Ostrava Cosplay

    Post by SpankyDmonkey on Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:13 am

    Yeah it does suck that there isn't any rune items, but hey we can only make the best of things! Btw, here are some notes that I think would make the build better.

    According to the wiki, the Crystal Ring's Shield "Damage scales with Right Hand weapon damage and receives a greater bonus from Magic Based weapons in contrast to lightning or raw ones.", so perhaps instead of stacking on strength and dexterity, you can lower both str and dext to a really low amount just to allow a massive boost to intelligence and use a enchanted sunlight sword instead. It makes more sense imo, since I believe the rune-sword was a enchanted weapon. Also if you ever decide to delve into sorcery, you will be able to. In fact, by lowering dexterity and str to the bare minimum you can focus the extra stats into vit, attune, or maxing int, which I think is a really good tradeoff.

    Ostrava with Sexy Tradeoff If you don't want sorceries you can just leave the 10 attunement and put the points into either int or vit to try to max it out at 50 (where enchanted weapon scaling ends, and major cut-off point for vitality with golden ring on) Also, if you want enough poise to survive a greatsword's first hit you can trade the Elite Knight Leggings for Havel's Leggings.

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