Low level "griefing" build.

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    Low level "griefing" build.

    Post by Rynn on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:32 am

    A long time ago (1 or 2 months) I mentioned I had a low level char that uses the egg-head... and I thought I'd finally share her build.
    Rotten Pine Resin is what I use on the shotel, and this build is pretty darn fun a lot of the time for both me and the newbie. I'm usually messing around; so I use my kick attack a lot more then most of my actions, The club is actually rather slow, and so it's newbie friendly, even with chaos power fueling it.
    Throw firebombs, that's fun to do too.
    Now, I picked my equipment set-up because Havels + Ninja Ring allows me to get the best equipment setup without sacrificing looks. Noone needs 77 poise, noone needs 77 poise to fight newbs especially.
    This character spends 50% of it's time as a darkwraith, and 50% of it's time as a forest hunter. Usually as a forest hunter, it continues to invade via cracked red eye orbs. Newbies usually get to fight the shotel, and BB-glitchers tend to get backstabbed with the club so I can move on to a real player. The heater shield is a neccesity, it's fire +10, because fire really hurts when you have an egg for a head.

    It's really fun, I'm a jerk. PvP was designed for all levels, and damnit, I play all levels.

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    Re: Low level "griefing" build.

    Post by Ghadis_God on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:14 am

    Looks like a fun build, especially since you don't seem to care about min/maxing which is a good thing at that level. This reminds me that I ought to get back into Gravelording at SL20, I've got a build that's meant to be tough on the newbies without being unbeatable or cheap.

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