Math Problem


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    Math Problem

    Post by Kirk-Barb on Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:17 pm

    I invaded a pair of farmers last night for the fourth time. So I knew exactly who they were, a mage build and a tank in giants armor. I spot them and see them engaged with another blue invader and try to rush in to help, but before I get very far, they kill him. At the invader's death my screen lit up for over 1,700,000 souls!?!?!? So I'm guessing he was a Darkmoon Blade. Now if I get 50% for him dying in the host realm and I'm present, then he was around level 505 or so. But if I get only 10% for being an invading phantom, then he was around level... I don't know, because the highest chart number I could find was level 792 for 11,938,030. Which is still 5.1 million souls short????? I also know that neither of the farmers died with the darkmoon in the exchange, because giant armor dude eventually ran me to ground and killed me by the skin of his teeth, so it was all from the one death. :affraid:

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