Dragon's Drogma Ending ----- BIG SPOILERS -----


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    Dragon's Drogma Ending ----- BIG SPOILERS -----

    Post by Doelker on Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:12 am

    Hi everybody;
    Yesterday I believe I finished the game but I was left out with a lot of questions and I wanted to discuss wigh you.
    If you haven't beaten the game or fi ished the quest called "The Final Battle" please stop reading right now 'cause this thread is going to be filled with big spoilers.

    You have been warned...

    So, I was entering to the big fight with the dragon an I see Madelaine being chased by some Goblins. After some dialogue the dragon's ask me to choose between fighting him or give the life of my love???? In exchange for power.
    I don't even know when I decided that Madelaine was going to be my "love" so that was kind of strange.
    So obviously I said to the dragon: Up yours!!!! And fought him or it.

    After finishing the epic battle I get a trophy called Destiny and its description says that I accepted the sword Godsbane, but I never actually did, so mu question would be, you get this sword after defeating the dragon no matter what or did I skip some sort of dialogue where I get to choose to accept it or not.

    After that I got some screenshots from the main characters of the game and the voice actors.

    I wake up in my hut again, there is Madelaine and Selene and my main Pawn with the other 2 that hired. Now before that there was a cutscene showing the twon or urban quarter from Gran Soren being sallowed by the earth, but I'm being asked to go to Gran Soren and report my victory against the Dragon.

    The sky is dark and there are stronger enemies along the path. I haven't arrived to Gran Soren yet, I quit at the encampment because it was already late, but i felt like I hadn't finish the game yet, or am I already in some sort of NG+ or something?

    I'm playing as an assassin and my current level is 50. My main pawn is a sorcerer and is level 50 as well.

    I would like to compare the experiences you had and see if perhaps there are different outcomes depending on your playstyle or previous desicions. So please share your thoughts or comments.

    Thank you!!!

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