Who's in charge here?


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    Re: Who's in charge here?

    Post by jjshowal on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:22 pm

    Haha thank you. I love me some Zelda II

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    Re: Who's in charge here?

    Post by meridam99 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:27 pm

    somebody_else wrote:
    Akatik wrote:No Sunbros? I thought everyone loved Jolly Co-operation!

    actually, no. i for example hate people who only play one side full time. especially since sunbro is full time coop and thus breaking balance of the game. they (i'm talking about boosted builds for specific levels) are even bigger menace to online than griefers. i'm not saying griefers are ok, in fact if you check my posts (don't know if forum move also moved history) you'll see i made my self boosted characters in various levels just to grief the griefers which makes it fair 1v1 no matter how much i hate them. but, lately if you try to invade fair and square, the only thing you get is host and 2 boosted sunbros. not that i have any problems with that, i simply moved all my play past sl170, but i have to admit i kinda feel sorry that i had to (more about that in the end).

    do i think people should stop being sunbro or stop coop-ing? no, if they want to do it... why not? it's their right.
    but, do i hate fulltime helpers? yes, and this is why i play where i can avoid them. i kinda think that hating them is my right just as it is their right to play as they do

    one thing that i loved about demon's souls way more than dark souls was the fact that people camped less in PvP spots. hunting and being hunted, not knowing if there are phantoms and where the host is was pure charm. all that is almost gone in dark souls. 95% people camps in PvP spots as they simply stop playing at some time. there are 2 phantoms in 99% (well, lower levels at least). this kind of play kinda totally trashed best things about demon's souls. since i moved to higher levels i don't really find much hunting unless i'm the hunted one as i never stop playing and constant duels are more or less boring if you just do that full time

    p.s. this is my personal opinion and i really wouldn't like to see turn into flame fest

    The only place that was regulary camped for Co-Op in Demon's Souls was 3-3 hoping you would get summoned to get the head wrap.

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    Re: Who's in charge here?

    Post by somebody_else on Tue Jan 31, 2012 9:49 pm

    meridam99 wrote:The only place that was regulary camped for Co-Op in Demon's Souls was 3-3 hoping you would get summoned to get the head wrap.

    i actually preferred blue stone at start of 3-1. if people needed help, ok. if not, then monk did sooner or later. it was kinda 1:1 to get summoned for either side. monk summoned you even if you set blue stone and this brought more variety and you never knew what you'll play next. the monks blue summoning was one of best ideas in DS. beside the fact, spamming red stone was tedious pain in the ***, while blue was just once per play.

    i can't remember how many times i agreed to help some friend to go against 3-3 (summoned player) boss just to be summoned as the very boss he needed to fight against. there were more than few times when i needed to stop trying to help to actually help that friend.
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    Re: Who's in charge here?

    Post by Forum Pirate on Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:00 pm

    i'm not a fan of 3v1 either but if i cant savage all three at once anyways i'm not good enough. means there's something to shoot for. after all if i can handle 3 good/great players what chance is 1 likely to stand?

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    Re: Who's in charge here?

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