SL 1, Anor Londo, Xbox Live, Co-op


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    SL 1, Anor Londo, Xbox Live, Co-op

    Post by BK Grey Fox on Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:21 am

    I'm attempting to take on 4 kings at SL 1, but first I want to get to the blacksmith in Anor Londo to upgrade my equipment. I cant seem to get past the white gargoyles and dragon slayer archers. I could really use some assistance killing orenstien and smough as well, and possibly 4 kings after that. If anyone is interested, my gamer tag on xbox live is BK Grey Fox.
    Also, does anyone have any tips on what equipment I should use (both PvE and PvP) at SL 1 and ways to proceed?
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    Re: SL 1, Anor Londo, Xbox Live, Co-op

    Post by Carphil on Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:54 am

    Dont kill anyone, just run. Same for the archers. Just aggro the archer on your right until he switch to sword and shield, let him attack and he will fall, reach the bonfire. For O and S,, summon Solaire and kill Ornstein first. The crystal halberd you get from a mimic near the first anor bonfire is good for this fight. As for equipments, use a light armor so you can roll faster. Since you don't have too much vit, wolfs ring is good for a poise boost. Blue tearstone can also help. Sorry I would help you but I'm on PSN.

    Good luck

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