Lets Help Them. 38 Studios could use it



    Would you aid 38 studios with a kickstarter donation.

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    Lets Help Them. 38 Studios could use it

    Post by Chaos Spectre on Sun May 27, 2012 3:38 am

    I now that its odd, fishing out money to a game developer with all the complaints of game pricing now adays, but honestly, after reading it, part of me honestly wants to cry.

    Kingdoms of Amalur is a good game. Not perfect, but for a first game, its one hell of a start, and its not fair in any way shape or form that the suffering they are being hit with right now is happening. They sold a lot of copies, and still haven't seen much money from it due to EA dragging their balls along 38's back and laughing at them, at least as far as I've heard.

    So heres what I think we should do. This community, the souls community, is the very community who did the unthinkable, petitioned a game into a port, made a publisher listen to their pursuit for happiness, and changed everything I believed about gamers. These efforts stretch even to demon's souls, bringing it back from the brink of an online death. So lets extend an arm to people who need it, who lost their jobs and are now taking on a second mortgage to make it.

    I can't do it tonight, but I want to know if people would go for it. Would you guys do a kickstarter donation for 38 studios and their developers. Maybe wit this, we can give good devs a job back, and project copernicus a life.

    Its a high price, being close to 1.8 million for the debt and maybe more just to bring them back from death, but as gamers, I feel its sometimes our duty to give back to the ones who gave us something amazing and enjoyable, especially being its not a repetitive shooter.

    So, what do you guys think?

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