Honorable PVP???


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    Honorable PVP???

    Post by LanceForLife on Mon May 21, 2012 2:38 pm

    This rant, complaint, or whatever you want to call it is for the cheap tactic kids who back stab fish, AOE spam, gank, and do any other combination of the sort. You can use the arguments, it's in the game so why shouldn't I use it, I payed my 60$ I will do whatever I want, you're just mad because you cant counter it blah blah blah. Tactics like I described above require no skill or planning for that matter. Yes I will use all of these tactics myself if the situation calls for it, I won't just up and do it though I will wait and read my opponent(s). When the situation looks grim that's when I fight dirty. If the opponent looks as if he wants to duel and not just fish back stabs or the three man gank, it's just some friends that are running a gauntlet of sorts I am more that honorable.

    I just don't understand making a build to back stab. Me personally it takes me 30 - 40 hours to fully spec out in levels and gear and that's if I don't bottomless box glitch (don't worry I am coming back to this subject too). That is 30 - 40 hours of farming, leveling, buying, finding, grinding, and dying. So why go through all that just to build a character to just cheap your way through PVP for some souls and a humanity? Why not build your character to your liking and not just the family mask wearing giant armor flipping back stab machine like everyone else? Why not put forth the effort you put into building your harbinger of death, into learning to PVP better?

    As far as bottomless box glitching is concerned I only use it for one reason and that is to start a new PVP character that I am not going to twink with it either. If I wanted to twink I would use my level 4 warrior that I made it all the way to the kiln with I don't need to BB to twink. Anyway, lets say you just finished your (insert random build here) and want to start a new one but want to save some time and souls? Why not get what gear you want, weapons, items etc. and transfer them so that all your precious souls can go toward leveling? I know once you're done with your build, stopping at lvl 120, 130, or whatever, souls don't matter that much any more. So why not spend them jump starting your new character? Saves time and effort even suffering in some cases because you just have to worry about leveling.

    What I am trying to say is that winning isn't everything and causing other people to rage at their tv because you just chained back stabbed wrath of god 3 man ganked them when all they wanted was a chance at a fair fight isn't cool. Yes I have fell prey to these scenarios and they are not fun it actually kind of ruins the game for me. Also if you are just trying to progress through the level and not gank or fight invaders (being the summoner or summonee) just try not to provoke the invader. If I see you and some summons are fighting the Giants in Anor Londo and then go straight for the Lightning Demons I will Black Crystal home. On the same token if you just killed the Giants and turn on me and eat some Green Blossoms and buff your weapons its on! I know for a fact a lot of invaders will do the same thing I do I have seen it. Also when I get summoned to someones world for jolly cooperation and they get invaded, I just run around like I'm doing something but I am not really doing anything, it keeps the vader on his toes but you're not the *******.

    Have fun do whatever you want it is your game of after all, this is just my opinion, you can take it to heart or with a grain of salt I don't care. I just hope I changed some peoples minds.

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    Re: Honorable PVP???

    Post by Glutebrah on Mon May 21, 2012 2:46 pm

    i think the forum gets it, people hate BS fishers/AOE spammers/Gankers. thats why we have FC

    PS: The thread directly under this one is another rant thread about cheap tatics.

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    Re: Honorable PVP???

    Post by FruitPunchNinja on Mon May 21, 2012 2:50 pm

    i have to agree with glute. i still understand getting frustrated but you are not going to enjoy the game if you get bent out of shape over those things. lol

    edit: i apologize i didnt completely read your post. you seem to be were i was at recently, you understand that winning isnt everything but you still get angry with some players tactics. my advice is just do your very best to ignore those players and just laugh it off. it will make the game more enjoyable. also i was thinking of starting a group built around countering some of the more powerful and widely used tactics.

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    Re: Honorable PVP???

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