Tranquil Walk of Peace.



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    Re: Tranquil Walk of Peace.

    Post by Majikero07 on Mon May 21, 2012 1:29 pm

    I was hosting in the forest today got invaded by two hunters. One of them used TWoP and both tried to go for a BS. I used force several times. They couldn't get a BS in so the one who cast TWoP hit me with a WoG then cast TWoP again to BS me. I kept using force so they couldn't BS me. The other hunter got tired of trying to BS and smashed me with a great club.

    Force is my best defense against TWoP.

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    Re: Tranquil Walk of Peace.

    Post by Anchises on Mon May 21, 2012 4:20 pm

    If the game mechanics allow it, I'm all for it. Someone used TWoP WotG on me once, so I decided it was a good tactic. However, it is kinda lazy (and not always effective) so I only use it as a backup.

    Also, I used TWoP and Great Chaos Fireball for a bit, it's pretty mean too. In the end, I moved on to a different and more challenging (for me) styles of PVP.

    Getting caught by WotG spammers is pretty annoying, I actually just got invaded by a hacker in Darkroot (2 BS's and several Velka R pokes, and his damage meter never showed) who started spamming WotG after I tried kicking him off the ledge.

    Good players should always strive for more versatile and challenging ways of fighting, BS fishing and TWoP/WotG spamming gets pretty dull after a while. I don't see the fun in it.

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