Dragon Bro want to help you. DkS first Dragon Smith!


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    Dragon Bro want to help you. DkS first Dragon Smith!

    Post by ViralEnsign_ on Wed May 09, 2012 4:25 am

    This one is twofold important for you.

    1. This Dragon Bro wants to help you. SL 47 PSN atm will help you beat bosses, duel you, host invasions and much more. PSN ViralEnsign_

    2. Sick of not having a smith to craft you Dragon weapons? Well now you can do this and much more. Gimme 10 Dragon Scales, a +10 version of the weapon you wish upgraded and I can have for you a fresh new Dragon Weapon like only the oldest Dragon SMiths know how to forge.

    All of this I do for you.


    PSN- ViralEnsign_

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    [11:10:04 p.m.] Kwith: Woah.
    [11:10:08 p.m.] Kwith: ..Woah.
    [11:10:14 p.m.] Robb "the Ensign_": FATALITY!
    [11:10:16 p.m.] ◥▶️_◀️◤ TehInfamousAmos: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    [11:10:20 p.m.] ◥▶️_◀️◤ TehInfamousAmos: BEASTIALITY

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