Offering SL 200 CO-OP or Duels


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    Offering SL 200 CO-OP or Duels

    Post by Hells_Sentry on Wed May 09, 2012 12:35 am

    I'm currently in Anor Londo at the second bonfire but if you need specific help anywhere in Lordran let me know. Add me or message me on XBL at Hells Sentry.

    Here Comes The Sun, Do Do Do Do.
    Bow Or Die. Seriously.
    XBL: Hells Sentry
    SL 199Sunbro for Co-op & Red Sign Duels (
    currently in Anor Londo)
    SL 30 Knight for Co-op
    Add me or PM me if you need help with bosses.

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