One more question till I really get the ball rolling


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    One more question till I really get the ball rolling

    Post by Sn@rf on Fri May 04, 2012 1:56 am

    I know I posted this on the straight sword build topic, but it died before and opinions cam along so I decided to try and ask the question one more time.


    I'd be using pretty much the same armor with both, probably a bit lighter with the first. The first build lets me use most straight swords (all of them with an easy tweak), as well as grant, large club and a plethora of other weapons. This would give me all around versatility and other weapons to use if I got bored.

    The second maximizes damage for BSS + DMB or SLB, as well as giving me a fair amount of damage with Astora's and katanas

    I'm thinking about making them both, but I'm reluctant to make two faith based classes in a row.(looking ate you mlgs...
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    Re: One more question till I really get the ball rolling

    Post by True King Doran on Fri May 04, 2012 2:54 am

    Honestly? That is entirely up to your play style. Right now, I've been loving the big weapons on my faith build, indeed yours is an exact copy of the one i'm using as we speak, er... type. But if you prefer the speed of dexterity-scaling weapons to the power and stun-locking of the strength-based ones, then go with that. Try taking your first character, which is probably a little effed up in terms of PvP viability (lol i know all my first characters couldn't make it in any sort of competitive PvP, idk about everyone else). Just get that characters stats up real high to where you can equip any weapon, then see what you like more: speed or strength/reach.

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