Poise to become Unmovable


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    Re: Poise to become Unmovable

    Post by Yesuurd on Thu May 03, 2012 1:51 pm

    You are welcome, what level are you btw? I killed them right now with a new toon, I wore the fog ring and hawk ring, I shot them 2 times then hid, they fire twice at you then stop,
    then you fire twice again and hide, rinse and repeat.

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    Re: Poise to become Unmovable

    Post by SlakeMoth on Fri May 04, 2012 6:05 am

    I have neither the fog ring or the hawk ring because I'm playing with a new toon. I am in fact trying to get to the Giant Blacksmith so I can thieve the Hawk Ring from his chest which begs the question, how come you have the Hawk Ring on a new toon? I was under the impression that equipment for a new character is not carried over from another character unless...........'cough'. Ah! Could it be that glitch that we're not supposed to mention?
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    Re: Poise to become Unmovable

    Post by DoughGuy on Fri May 04, 2012 6:08 am

    @Slake when you get into the palace find the DSB archer inside. Practice rolling to dodge his shots. With 50%> burden its pretty easy once you have practice.

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    Re: Poise to become Unmovable

    Post by ChizFreak on Fri May 04, 2012 2:27 pm

    Carphil wrote:
    ChizFreak wrote:
    Carphil wrote:
    ChizFreak wrote:Havel's Shield's ability doesn't give you any poise. It just makes everyone that hits you stagger like if they were hitting a solid wall (though I don't know if they get the same stamina drain of that situation).

    I know it very well, I often use it with Dragon Torso Stone. When someone hits me, it staggers me because I have no poise, but the stagger they get for Havel's Shield's ability lasts longer so I can land a hit.

    try that with wolfs ring!

    I prefer to use RoFaP and Hornets or DWGR

    Hmm ok but, are you using STR or DEX weapons? Because with dex weapons come the light roll, and its pretty much the same as the Ninja flip! But now, STR wpns would make you heavy anyway.

    I use both. Mainly I use Silver Knight Spear +5, does 400+ pure phys damage if I'm correct. Also I have lots of STR weapons. My build has 50 STR and 22 Dex.

    Best combo I found so far is:

    Dragon Torso
    Silver Knight Spear +5
    RoFaP and DWGR/Hornets Ring (because even without DWGR I can quick roll)
    Shield of Shiva (can't remember name)
    Equip Havels Shield, cast buff, then reequip Shield of Shiva

    It's a very good build that can kill anything. I often stun people using the Dragon Torso ability and then hit them once with my spear. So I get an almost sure hit AND it's stronger (because the buff of the Roar).

    Also it's very versatile, I can unequip all that, put a heavy armor on, and a heavy weapon, and done, I'm a tank.

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    Re: Poise to become Unmovable

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