damn you servers

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    damn you servers

    Post by billy_bayonet on Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:24 am

    i have no problem with hooking up with the fightclub or even anyone else from this forum but everytime i try and hook up with my mate it takes like 30 mins before anything happens..anyone got any tips ono how to speed this up

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    Re: damn you servers

    Post by Eolan on Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:47 am

    Stand still when your laying the sign down, make sure you havent killed the boss of the area and make sure both of you find somewhere special to do your summoning (to avoid crossed wires)

    I just posted this a minute ago but as its in my clipboard, APPLE V

    (Interview begins)

    (I): With the new P2P matching system its said that the longer you play it will be
    easier to match, can you explain some details.
    (P): Easier to match is a bit misleading. Basically you are connected with 20-30 people
    behind the scenes by P2P but there needs some time to optimize them. If the
    connected players are out of your level range or they are far away then you won't
    see the sign or be able to play with them because the level difference. The
    system will continuously replace them with players that are closer in location and
    in level, so it takes a some time to do that.
    (M): If it takes time to optimize does moving from area to area matter ...
    (P): Like I said before the level should have no problem but moving from area will trigger
    optimization by location. it's most perferable to just stand there.
    (M): So if I was playing in Anor Londo and I want to match with other players its best
    to just stand there a bit to let the optimization do its work
    (P): Yes so if you are in Anor Londo, looks for players nearby and level is near your
    (I): So this can connect with foreign players
    (P): Yea, its possible. But if the connection to the player is poor it will bounce it. its
    made to work with other countries

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