SL: 31-53 Status Alignment Build


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    SL: 31-53 Status Alignment Build

    Post by MalBunneh on Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:10 pm

    Life Hunt Scythe (16 STR - 14 DEX)
    Gravelord Sword (24 STR - 13 DEX)
    Priscilla's Dagger (6 STR - 20 DEX)

    Spell Casters
    Pyromancer Flame
    Cloth Talisman

    Grass Crest Shield
    Black Knight Shield
    Blood Shield (Best With Lifehunt)

    Thief Set
    Shadow Set (Best with the Lifehunt)
    Painted Guardian Set

    Wood Grain Ring
    Bloodbite Ring (Best with the Lifehunt)
    Ring Of Favor And Protection

    Acid Surge (No Requirements)
    Toxin Mist (No Requirements)
    Poison Mist (No Requirements)

    Vow Of Silence (18 Faith)
    Tranquil Walk Of Peace (30 Faith)

    Servant Of Chaos
    Gravelord Servant


    Build Requirements
    Class: Pyromancer
    SL: 31 - 53
    VIT: 10
    ATT: 19
    END: 11
    STR: 12 - 24
    DEX: 20
    RES: 12
    INT: 10
    FAI: 20 - 30

    This build is meant to be a quick hitter and to avoid being hit getting as you get your debuffs and your alignments on your opponent. It's somewhat of a hit and run class. And because this is a low level PVP build it will deal some nasty damage to your opponent very quickly. Big warning to those who use Lifehunt you will need bleed risistance or it will end very badly for you.

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    Blade of The Sun

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    Re: SL: 31-53 Status Alignment Build

    Post by Blade of The Sun on Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:27 pm

    I was thinking Spider shield for the resistance, or eagle's. It looks fun though.

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