Create your own Special Boss


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    Create your own Special Boss

    Post by FlamingHarlekin on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:42 am

    So...I have been watchin latly and found that you guys are way over working here and need to take a break :face:

    We have alot of smart ppl here that are sucking the lore slowly dry.
    Why not take a break and make you own Boss Story?
    Found this Forum while i was looking for DkS Pics

    I would make one myself but i lack in english and it would get way to hard to read.
    Btw - Just wanna say that you all rock - this forum is gonna cost me my job if i read more than i work silly but its way tomuch fun. Good Job & Good Luck!



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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by Wade_Wilson on Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:27 pm

    Treant - Appears as a humungous tree which attacks the player with unblockable attacks. Not a gimmick fight, like the Dragon God or the Bed of Chaos: the Treant fight would focus on being able to dodge his crushing attacks and would take place ina giant clearing. Would be weak to fire damage, and miniture ents would spawn from him.

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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by ARSP on Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:07 pm

    Masaki the Hollow- Fights like a PVP match aggressive uses all forms of magic will heal him if you give him too much room Armed with Great sword and heavy armor resistant to backstabs and riposting- weakness lightning

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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by FlamingHarlekin on Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:37 am

    From the site that i posted, there were some good ones. My Fav would be this one big grin

    Re: Create your own Special Boss - Dark Souls Version -

    by t765234 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:10 pm

    The First Born
    After achieving a high level (50-ish medals i was
    thinking) in the sunbros, you will be given a new item called the key of
    sun, then you must go to the tomb of gywn while in dark anor londo and
    sacrifice both gwyn's soul and gwyndolin's souls to the tomb and a wall
    will disintegrate near the tomb, walk through and there will be a large
    door, brilliantly decorated in gold, that you will use the key to open.
    Once inside a cutscene will activate, your character will walk into a
    large room filled with weapons and great pillars gold etc. then notice a
    Giant, about the size of gywnevere, Sitting on a throne, "Why hast thou
    disgraced mine father's grave and entered my prison of shame", he will
    say "thou insult me with thine presence" suddenly his eyes will begin
    glowing and lightning will spill from his mouth "Dares't thou to mock
    me?" He screams "I am the First Born of the Sun and thou shall feel my
    wrath" he stands and attempts to crush you underfoot, you roll out of
    the way and the battle commences

    Stage 1 Overview: sword n' boarding, stagger-able medium difficulty
    He is as large as Gwynevere only broader and muscular, (male
    obviously), Wearing a shining gold chest plate with the sun warrior
    symbol etched into the center with plates extending all the way down his
    arms and golden leggings/ armored boots, on his head he wears a golden
    helmet (think silver knight helm) and golden gauntlets, he has glowing
    yellow eyes. At this point he wields a giant straight sword of gold with
    the sunbro emblem as the hilt-guard (think ff tournesol or excalibur)
    and a golden shield with the sunbro symbol etched in similar in shape to
    astorias' greatshield.

    horizontal swings: swings
    down at you horizontally half and half lightning and physical damage,
    medium guard reduction medium damage

    Vertical swing: swings down
    and up, high guard reduction, high damage ( half and half lightning and
    physical), slow / easy to dodge

    Shield bash: similar to giants in anor but very little wind up, auto shield break, very high damage

    screams into the air opening him up for some attacks but doubles attack
    power temporarily ( potential shield bash OHKO)

    Block: blocks with his shield absorbs all damage

    health: 10k in ng ( I realize It might be a lot, it's a marathon fight not a sprint)

    The first born bashes you to the side with his shield, you slam into a
    wall the first born laughs as he states "Fool, thou hast seen but a
    fraction of my power" and lunges at you, sword raised, the battle
    recommences with him charging at you king allant style

    Stage 2 overview: sword n' board, higher damage/ quicker, more moves ranged attacks, stagger-able difficulty medium
    Appearance: same

    Charge: rushes you king allant style and lunge stabs you at the end
    dealing medium damage, extremely hard to dodge, starts phase with this

    Horizon/Vert slashes/shield bash/Battlecry/Block: same, higher damage* (battlecry/block excluded)

    spears: giant bolts of lightning appear in his hands which he proceeds
    to throw at you high damage fairly easy to dodge

    health: 15k

    The first born is panting with effort, " thou art more powerful than I
    had anticipated, warrior, but none shalt compare to the master of war"
    From his throne he picks up his Greataxe

    Stage 3 overview:
    greataxe makes him slower but more powerful, different moveset, still
    has his shield, less health, Stagger-able, difficulty: fairly hard

    Appearance: now has a large golden double sided greataxe with a spike at the bottom and top end of the handle

    Attacks: Higher lightning damage similar physical damage can now two-hand, making him swing faster and hit harder

    Horizon/Vert slashes/shield bash/Battlecry/Block: all incredibly powerful, more lightning damage

    combo: Two horizontal spinning slashes then a third spin unleashes a
    downward diagonal slash and a lightning wave if you managed to get a far
    distance away during the combo

    Death storm: raises his axe
    sending down a lightning bolt directly above you massive lightning
    damage, fair build up time pretty easily dodged but deadly if not

    power smash: Slams his axe into the ground with an overhead chop, sending a shockwave outwards to about two rolls distance

    Two-handed Attacks: The first born will two hand his axe increasing his speed to that of a curved sword

    Hp: 7.5k

    He falls to his knee after your blow "Damn you" he whispers " I shall
    not be defeated by a mere mortal!" he then screams toward the sky as
    lightning pours from his mouth and eyes and he is flung into a frenzy of
    rage battle recommences

    Overview: New moves, Non-Stagger-able, always two-handing more health than previous forms

    attacks from before: more powerful, any non horizontal swings will
    likely almost one hit kill, much faster, incredibly difficult to dodge
    horizontal attacks very difficult for all others, unblockable as well (
    under battlecry he WILL one hit kill you)

    Rage of the God's:
    Stabs you with the end of his axe, throwing you into the air unleashing
    attack after attack at your defenseless character, If it kills you, and
    it will, cutscene starts in which he catches your player in his hand and
    shocks him to death while whispering "Fool... none are a match for me"

    Bolt of the war god:Giant javelin of lightning fired at you with moderate tracking, must roll to avoid

    of War: clouds envelope the area and the ground begins sparking in
    random areas, lightning shoots down in any of these areas like bed of
    chaos' fire storm possible OHKO.

    Health: 20k
    Difficulty: holy #%@*
    The first born falls to his knees "impressive... young warrior" he
    coughs " It appears... My decline... has been complete" he falls to the
    floor and fades away, leaving his soul and rewarding you with 100k souls


    Bolt of the War God: larger sun spear, 1 cast, 2.5k PvM with 50 faith
    Mighty bolt of the first born, Insanely powerful it can fell a dragon with a single strike

    of the Sun: The axe of the First Born, the fallen War God who was
    erased from the annals of history, even though It's power has waned from
    the death of its owner, the raw might can be felt emanating from the
    mighty blades. 250 lightning and physical damage at +0 scales c+/c/-/c+
    350 lightning and 300 phys at +5, Black knight greataxe look only gold
    with red inlay at the blade ends and from the tip of the spikes to about
    halfway down. same r1 moveset but faster 1-h r2 sends a lightning wave
    2-h uses a scaled down version of rage of the gods move( only works on
    human sized/ black knight enemies) if not stab move deals heavy damage

    Born's sword: The First Born's longsword, the great sword must be used
    by only the most powerful of mortal warriors due to it's size. Its raw
    might could be potentially devastating if placed in the wrong hands
    Ultra-Greatsword class, 300phys/lightn at 0 400phys/lightn at 5 2-h R2 sends vertical lightning wave
    longer than the zwei Golden sparks traveling up and down the blade, golden color, red inlay at blade edge



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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by Wounding_Peregrine on Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:11 am

    Not exactly the god of war, but a concept I imagine the japanese would execute well...

    The Designer - Hollow old man that uses the devices he has created to kill the player and does so whilst wearing a large mechanised, bronze-looking suit from which only the top half of his bald, spectacled head protrudes.

    Uses a firebomb launcher when the player is a fair distance away.

    Uses a harpoon gun that reels the player in if landing a successful unblocked hit.

    Can throw corrosive mist grenades at his feet when struggling to turn and face players attacking him from behind, greatly decreasing weapon and armour durability if caught in the area of effect.

    When attempting melee attacks, swings arms and kicks wildly (clearly having little finesse in close-combat).

    I think the battle would have to take place in his workshop full of breakable items that get in the way.

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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by Demi_God0415 on Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:25 am

    Hawk-eye Gough (or some archer hero) holding a key/item.

    An optional boss that use great bows and magical arrows that homes in its targets (yes, targets). He is located in a location similar to the upper painted world church, with him having a means to go around in a circle.

    There are two main challenges this boss fight will give to the player:

    1) him trying to push you off the ledge, and the small space that the small ledge provides for you to dodge them

    2) the puzzle of how the arrows are gonna be dodged — the timing of the arrows, its different speed.

    Yes, he can also fall down to his death if pushed, but that would result to the loss of the key/item.

    The player will struggle in the environment he's in as well as the boss.

    the concept of this boss fight is to have a boss that is human-like, realistic if you want (not big, have only one magic/skill that he have honed, and can be killed in the most human-like way, falling). Visualise Ricard on the upper painted world church with great bow, double, triple, four (idk) strafing arrows with homing capabilities, constantly running away from you. the aim of this boss fight is to bring frustration to the player not coolness.

    im also thinking of him have a back story in several items. in realisation of this story, the player may reconsider killing him (similar to the Fair Lady or Kirk).

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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by Tolvo on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:04 am

    While I already posted this in the Rin's bosses thread, I'll bring it over here.

    "Alright, this is going to be a bit of a creepy one, as it is actually based off a series of reoccurring dreams I have that haunt me constantly.

    Basically, this would be a boss hidden in the Ash Lake inside of one of the Arch trees. You would enter an area and be met with great growth, as well as full of poisonous water. So note, this entire fight you are being poisoned and are slowed without the Iron Ring. First of all, you would find yourself in a very surrealist maze where walls peel away, enemies with broken joints, reverse limbs, gutted bodies, and voices reminiscient of people being tortured fill the area. Many would use grapple attacks and either force a limb down your throat, press their face upon yours and scream damaging you, or attempt to pull your head so far it would break your spine. Most would have low health, but infinitely respawn as well as come in decent numbers. Eventually you'd start fighting enemies who are black spirits that wander through the maze, wield heavy weapons, shields, and are slow moving. It would be best to avoid them, and they would make a pulsing sound so you knew if one was near. Eventually you'd reach an area where there would be many hollows praying and crying, some bodies dead with weapons on them hinting that they killed themselves. At the end you'd find a being that claims it was once a factor in the world, but now stays down here hidden and alone. That it believed once that it could make an impact but now that it merely gives a warning to those who come to it. It states it is the predecessor of all who are to come, and that whoever seeks it shall replace it. You can actually leave the room now, and nearby will be a body with a Pendant on it. You won't be allowed to reenter this boss area and will get an achievement/trophy called, "Dissension."

    If you kill the creature which has no health, you will actually get an ending to the game, it will fade away and scream as words of thanks float about the room. Your character will burst into flames similar to at the kiln, and fall to the ground before turning to ash. At which point you will get a first person view from the spot where the creature had previously been, you now waiting for the next to come. You would get an achievement/Trophy called, "Distant Memories."

    Not sure why, but I'd love to see that in game."
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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by Heroez Blade on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:55 am

    Ok i got one for you. Since the hydras are already annoying as hell than why not add a boss called the great hydra, located somewhere in ash lake.
    His attacks would include spitting giant globs of water, shooting out water bombs that would drop from the sky, swinging his heads to try and hit you, causing title waves to come at you, and maybe using one of its heads to pick you up and start eating you (like the centipede demon).
    His weakness would be lightning, divine, and crystal weapons. And you could also use a bow with special arrows but it would not do as much damage.

    Personally i think that would be a crazy boss to face. I try to avoid the hydras that are already in the game, I don't know what I would do if there was a boss hydra.


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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

    Post by FlamingHarlekin on Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:34 am

    Tolvo wrote:While I already posted this in the Rin's bosses thread, I'll bring it over here.


    Oh! I did not know that someone els already postet something like this.
    I found this, and never saw something like this in our forum and thought it would be a cool idea since alot of ppl here are very creative.

    But really? That is a great story, tobad it isn't in the game but i like the idea that you will become chained there intill the next one comes, its kinda sad but still..i dunno how to say it my lack of english is failing me again. Its a mix of Sadness & Happyness, in my view that is.


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    Re: Create your own Special Boss

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